When you are working in a small office, most likely you are going to build good relations with your colleagues. Closely-knitted colleagues can create a work environment that is productive as well as comfortable for everyone. This relationship may make you all feel emotional about one another, being happy for their life achievements and sharing the sadness at the time of grief.   

This means that when one of your colleagues is retiring, or leaving the office for some other reason, you might feel sad. However, you should always encourage others to achieve better in life. You can do so by giving them a perfect goodbye from the office.

Here is how you can say goodbye to your colleague and wish them luck in their future ventures.     

  1. Help Them Clean The Desk

When an employee leaves the office, he or she is asked to clean up their desk. Sometimes people have been in the office for so long that practically most of their belongings are present at the office desk. Leaving the office can be an emotional phase for a person. Make sure you are there for your friend.

Help them clean their desk. You can bring a cardboard box and help pack their things neatly without breaking anything fragile. This shows that the relationship you both shared was meaningful. 

  1. Arrange A Small Goodbye Gathering

Secretly arrange a goodbye party for your ex-colleague. Make sure that other office staff are also involved and equally share the responsibility. You can decorate the office space with a Goodbye banner. 

You can also arrange a small tea party that everyone from this office can pitch in to pay for it. This small gesture will make your friend feel valued. They will know that the time they have spent in the office meant a great deal to you all. 

  1. Get A Goodbye Present

Always send away your colleague with something to remember you by. You can arrange a small goodbye gift for your friend. There are plenty of stores that can make customized corporate gifts to help you deliver your message to your colleagues. 

For example, you can get chocolates delivered with Chocablock Chocolates. This small gift box will make your friend feel happy and emotional. You can put a small card that wishes them luck in the future. This can be a great gesture to make your friend feel special and loved.  

  1. Take Turns To Highlight Good Times         

On your colleague’s last day at the office, make sure that every one of you takes their turns to say some words for the friend leaving the place. 

You can recall the good times you had with that person, and the times they had been helpful to you individually, and to the team as a whole. This will remind them of all the good memories they had made at the office, and assure them that they had been a valuable part of the team. 

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