How to Clean Carpet on Stairs

Do you live in a multi-story home with clean carpet on stairs and runners? Do you know how dirty carpet can get? Because of the inevitable accumulations of dirt and dust, carpets on staircases need to be cleaned regularly. Dust can’t be removed by a vacuum alone. You can clean stairs efficiently with or without machines.

Clean Carpet is most accessible with a vacuum cleaner like the Rug Doctor. This method can quickly clean a dirty staircase. There are many ways to clean carpet without using machines. It all depends on what flooring you have.

Let’s take a closer look at the steps and then go over the various cleaners and machines you can use.

Why should you clean carpeted stairs?

Like all other carpeted areas in your home, your staircase will attract dirt and dust. It would help if you cleaned it regularly. Mold and bacteria can form in clean carpet due to the accumulation of dirt and debris.

The carpet is 4000x filthier than a toilet seat. You might consider skipping cleaning your stairs.

This can be dangerous for your health and could also cause damage to the carpet’s fibers. It is recommended that your staircase be clean carpet at least once a week if used frequently. They should only be cleaned once a month if they are used frequently.

How To Clean Carpeted Stairs?

You now know why clean carpet stairs should be cleaned every other week.

Use a small, stiff, bristled brush to scrub the stairs. The meeting can be used to remove dirt and hair from the staircase. This will make your clean carpet and more sanitary.

To remove dirt and other debris, repeat each step at least twice.

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Make sure your vacuum can handle carpeted stairs. It would help if you had attachments like a smaller head and a brush roll for your vacuum.

A small electric vacuum is ideal for stairs. You can also use an ordinary vacuum by extending the hose. For security reasons, place the void at the bottom of the stairs and not the top.

To ensure thorough cleaning, repeat the process three more times. Do you have any questions about how often to vacuum?

Take a shower

It’s time to clean carpet your stairs if they are still dirty after you’ve done the above steps. Mix the carpet shampoo according to the instructions.

Use a scrub brush to scrub the carpet with the solution. It should become foamy. It is important not to clean carpet for too long as this could cause damage.

To absorb the water, use a damp towel. Stand up and then step onto the towel. To dry the staircase, you might need multiple towels.

After the stairs have dried for 12 hours, vacuum your carpet again.

Banish Odors

Look for powders that can remove odors from staircases. Sprinkle the powder onto your staircase and vacuum it up. These powders are found in your local grocery store’s cleaning aisle.

You can also mix bicarbonate soda with essential oils. Apply this to your carpet, and vacuum it in the same way.


It is possible to maintain a clean home by understanding the best ways of keeping your stairs carpeted. The process is easy with a vacuum and clean carpet. However, machines are not required to clean stairs. The type of flooring and the staircase dirty will determine the best method.

It was interesting to see how to clean carpet on staris. We would love to hear from you if this article helped with your clean carpet efforts. You are invited to share our stair cleaning tips with family and friends.

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