People all over the world use hats primarily to get protection from the elements as they go about their business outdoors. Even those living in not-so-warm places often use hats to keep the sun out of their eyes when vacationing on sunny beaches. A sun hat remains a valuable wardrobe asset even with the general decline in the habit of wearing hats because they keep you safe, cool, and fashionable all day long.

Why Buy Sun Hats

The primary reason for buying a sun hat is hardly a secret. While it does a great job highlighting your style, a sun hat, as the name indicates, comes into play for providing additional protection from the blazing sunshine and preventing your skin, eyes, and hair safe from the hazardous UV radiation in the sun’s rays. Sun hats are popular because you can choose from many styles and pair them with just about any attire. It means that you can wear what you love to wear doing what you love. Whether it is lounging at a beach, hiking, gardening, traveling, or just enjoying a long cold drink by the poolside, everything becomes better, more comfortable, and more fashionable when you don a sun hat. If you are deterred by the need for a hatbox to carry around a wide brim sun hat around, you will love the modern-day ones because you can fold them, and they will jump back into their original shape when you unpack them.

Sun Hat Benefits

The best way to protect your skin against the proven hazard of UVA and UVB radiation is to stay inside, but if you must step out and hate slathering yourself with sunscreen, wearing a sun hat can do the job effectively. A wide-brim summer hat like a Panama hat, cowboy hat, or even an outback hat can protect your skin, hair, and eyes well from the sun and equip you to tackle whatever you need to do outdoors while keeping you cool and comfortable. You can optimize sun protection if you don a pair of sunglasses. It will prevent you from squinting that over time can result in wrinkles around your eyes. The good thing about a sun hat is it covers areas like the face, neck, and ears that tend to be especially sensitive and prone to sunburn.

The whole family can enjoy sun hats, and while everyone can and should have their own, they can easily share a hat if their head sizes are the same. Most sun hats are unisex, which makes them a great buy. Getting one with a drawstring will help the sun hat to remain longer on their heads.

Top Considerations for Buying a Sunhat 

Even though buying a sun hat is no rocket science, it does help to know what you should be looking out for when you step into a hat store. In general, you will want a hat with a wide brim for more protection from the sun. A wide brim hat will help to keep your head, face, neck, and shoulders from sunburn. However, it should not be so large that you cannot handle it properly, especially when on a windy beach. It makes sense to look for a hat with a chin strap made of a lightweight material that will keep the hat secure on your head without chafing the sensitive skin of your chin.

You should pay attention to the material as it can significantly influence its comfort level and degree of sun protection. Materials like straw and cotton are timeless classics, however, you can also choose from many modern lightweight fabrics like polyester, nylon, mesh, etc., that keep your head cool while being foldable. They have excellent shape retention properties that make traveling with them extra convenient. Continuous exposure to bright sunlight containing UV rays can be hazardous since you can get certain skin cancers. You will want to buy a hat with a good Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which is its ability to block UV radiation. Sun hats with UPF 50 can block 98% of the UV radiation, but you can manage well with hats of UPF 30 if you wear sun-protective clothing. According to Travel and Leisure, you should consider sun hats with UPF of 50 and a four-inch-wide brim for the best protection.


When buying a sun hat, it is important to make sure it is lightweight and made of breathable material. You should pay extra attention to the width of the brim and try it on to be sure you look good in it. If you can spare the money, try to buy a hat with premium UV protection. Look out for sun hats made from foldable materials that are less hassle to travel with. An inner lining and sweatband will help absorb the sweat and keep you more comfortable. A chin strap can be very useful in preventing it from flying off your head.

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