Awesome Places to Include in Rajasthan Tour Package

Rajasthan Tour Package Planning Tips

Rajasthan is beautiful state and one of the best destinations to experience the real Rajputana culture. But Rajasthan has more than 100 places to visit, so traveler get confused which places should be include in Rajasthan tour package on priorities.  So, here check some awesome places to include in Rajasthan tour package for best experience.

Rajasthan Tour Destination


Jaipur is one of the largest cities in Rajasthan and is also one of its most important cities in India. It is a city of forts, palaces and places of worship that once belonged to the age of kings.

When the era of Maharaja Jai ​​Singh’s great reign came to an end, the city was occupied by the British and India’s period of freedom was ushered in. During the colonial period, when the city was divided into several districts. The Pink City is dotted with several monuments that testify to the glorious history of the city in Jaipur sightseeing tour.

The forts of Jaipur bear witness to the brave personalities who ruled over the ancient Maharajas. These forts, along with the palaces, are also part of Jaipur’s history, and its pink city charm is apparent throughout the city.


A pilgrimage to Ajmer is a must on your list of tourist destinations in India. Known for its rich Mughal heritage and colorful religious sites, this historic city in Rajasthan offers tourists from all over the world a unique experience.

Whether you are a nature lover or a history buff, you will find a perfect abode in Ajmer. Dotted with numerous tombs, temples and other monuments, the city has a uniquely enchanting charm at its core.

Jal Mahal

A Jal Mahal, a monument depicting one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is considered one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. The size and majesty of this monument have made it an international icon.

It is located in central Rajasthan and was built by the former ruler, Jai Singh II. It is embellished with many magnificent buildings and other monuments and captivates tourists who wish to see the World Heritage property in its original splendor.

It is a fine example of the architectural expertise of the Maharajas and one of the finest examples of asymmetrical managements/mansions in India. Fans come from all over the world to explore this famous city and its amazing beauty.


This place is one of the popular tourist destinations for Hindus across the country. It is believed that Lord Krishna went to earth directly from heavens to earth to perform his tapas or prayers in a humble environment like Pushkar.

The popularity of Pushkar as a destination for holy dip devotees has increased over the years due to Lord Krishna’s advice that it should be a holy dip spot for all who come to pray. It is also a popular destination for camera sales.


It is one of the most fascinating states in India which captivates all the tourists from all over the world with its exotic culture, striking monuments and beautiful lakes. Travel to Rajasthan in July and take part in the exciting events and festivals of Rajasthan.

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