What does it take to become a millionaire with search engine optimization? In this blog IT cv writing service in uk ask 13 SEO millionaires their secret habits and mindsets that got them to where they are today. The advice you’re about to hear is a 100% pure solid gold. You’re gonna hear killer knowledge bombs from Kyle Roof, lead SEO for High Voltage SEO, and founder of Page Optimizer Pro.

Julie Adams

Julie Adams, client SEO drop out turned full-time affiliate marketer, James Dooley, serial entrepreneur and absolute mischief maker, Gael Breton, co-founder of Authority Hacker, Nick Eubanks, general partner at Super Limited Co and founder of From The Future.

Travis Jamison

Travis Jamison, serial entrepreneur and Angel investor, Kevin Indig, director of SEO at Shopify, and writer at the Growth Memo Newsletter, Amy Hioki, affiliate SEO badass, James Norquay, founder of Prosperity Media, Pete King, co-founder of Authority Builders, Alex Zoo 7-figure affiliate website flipper, Dom Wells, founder of Onfolio, and Jonas Torrang, casino affiliate SEO and sexy beast.

Why Their Advice Works

I’ll also give you my commentary on why their advice works and what you can do to implement it today. And make sure to stick around until the end because I’ll also drop my own advice so you can reach that seven figure millionaire milestone. Let’s kick things off with the original guide to rank Laura some content in an SEO contest. And that’s Kyle Roof. – You need to get yourself to the place where decisions are being made. When there are JVs partnerships, new business opportunities client referrals, people will always bring in or recommend those around them first.

You need to think about what you want and then go to where that is. Once they, be present, share your knowledge, help organize things in the community, nurture relationships. In 2014, I went to my first SEO conference. As I sat there, I said to myself, I’m gonna speak at this conference next year. At the conference I met as many people as I could. I then worked on those relationships throughout the next year, sharing all the stuff I was doing in SEO.

Several People Nominated Me

Before the conference the following year, a speaker fell out at the last minute. And the conference was looking for a replacement speaker, several people nominated me. I spoke on that stage and it launched my career into levels I couldn’t even imagine. – This is huge. Kyle’s advice boils down to creating a solid network of decision makers and you know why it’s so valuable because no one else does this because they’re not willing to put themselves in uncomfortable situations.

One of my favorite quotes from Tim Ferris is, “A person success in life can be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” Even if you hate meetings get your shit together and try to meet with decision makers. The CEO of the Content Agency you work with can probably cut you a better deal. The CEO of a Web Design Agency can send you leads. This blog wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t have a relationship with the people you’re about to hear from.

List Of Five People You Should Meet

Start today by making a list of five people you should meet with and start setting up some meetings. Next up is Julie Adams. Full-time affiliate SEO and my SEO spirit animal. – The biggest habit that I’ve developed after being an SEO almost the past decade that even spills over into my day to day life as well is goal breakdown. So, being able to see a big, scary objective and break it down into the individual steps that’s required to ultimately get the job done. So what this looks like in the SEO campaigns that I run, is I’ll have an overarching campaign objective and I’ll break that objective into quarters.

Three month chunks, and what I’ll do is I’ll figure out what needs to happen in month one, month two, and month three of that quarter and then I’ll figure out what needs to happen each week and then break that down even further into each day. Now, what this does is it basically automates my task list and my team’s task list, so that we’re able to focus on the details of the campaign without losing sight of the overarching objective.

Business Practice With Julie

Goal breakdown is a commonly used business practice that Julie has applied directly to SEO. And just to add to what Julie laid out so nicely already, one of the main problems I see with new SEO’s is that they get caught up in day to day tasks. They’ll spend all day long doing grind work like getting the perfect core web vital scores or tweaking their schema. But without stopping to think about what the overall goal is and that’s to get more traffic and to make more money. Julie’s practice lets you stay connected to the main goal while simultaneously simplifying the process. Start today by figuring out what’s your one year goal for your business then break it down into quarterly and then monthly goals. Next we have James Dooley, who’s definitely one of the most successful people I know. And who’s also the hottest girl in Manchester according to Google.  

One Professional Habit Is To Empower Others

By allowing staff and partners to take ownership of the work that they do, frees up more time for yourself then to look at your business to a high level and it frees up time to learn and developing network. So, if you’ve got the mindset that you can do something better, it’s the wrong mindset. – Bro, James, I couldn’t agree more. We have this rule at my business, assign responsibilities not tasks. A task would be something like go to the spreadsheet and remove all the lines that have less than a 20 Dr and 10 TF. That’s not exciting. It sounds like dummy work.

No one’s gonna be empowered by this task. Assigning responsibility is more like deliver a clean list of 500 outreach targets every Monday morning with whatever method you see fit. Your employee will feel empowered by the ownership you’ve given him or her of this responsibility. And guess what? They’ll do a much better job. This will free you to focus up on the big decisions of the business. Start to take a look at how you’re assigning your work and make an inventory.

Are You Assigning Tasks Or Responsibilities?

Next on the list we have Gail Breton, Authority Hacker co-founder and French guy. – Hey everyone, Gail from Authority Hacker here. One thing that helped me do well in the SEO industry is actually learning by observing rather than learning by consulting resources that teach on online marketing online. And I know it’s funny because we teach online marketing at Authority Hacker but a lot of the stuff that we find that we discover that many people don’t talk about is learned by googling random keywords, observing websites putting them interest, looking at their back links looking at how they convert people, et cetera. And that’s one thing that I see very few people do.

I see a lot of people, for example, do on page analysis by looking at them through server, for example, never really opening the pages, et cetera. And I think that’s a mistake and that is one way that I got a lot of insights that I think a lot of people didn’t get. And that helped me get where I am today. – Brilliant. – We do this too. Almost every successful website has something they do uniquely that gives them an edge. I can’t even begin to tell you how many back link techniques I’ve learned from spying on other websites.

Once a year, set aside a day to completely review the best website in your niche, have your employees and business partners review other sites, then set a meeting for each person to present everything they learned from their assigned websites. That’s what we do. And it’s been so insightful. It’s stupid. Let’s hear from Nick Eubanks, one of the biggest movers and shakers in the industry.

My Co-Founder At Authority Builders

The single most important thing is taking risks and not being scared of failure. I’ve made many mistakes and of course still do just hopefully not as many now, but the key is to not repeat them and learn from them. I believe this mindset is ideal because with this I would’ve stopped at my first taste of failure of course. Here’s a tip, if I could do something differently, I would try and find a mentor a lot sooner. Ideally, in the same space as you are similar, most people have succeeded in an area of their life, usually keen to give back.

If you reach out to some people I’m sure you’re able to find someone that will help you. Good luck. – This is super cool to hear from Pete because I know his story. He had a hugely successful moving business powered by SEO. The SEO was so good, it actually imploded and died because it was impossible to fulfill all the demand, but he’s back on his feet and he is thriving. What’s one business idea that you’ve been afraid of doing because it might fail? Watch Tim Ferris’s fear setting Ted talk and see if you can really figure out what’s the worst thing that could happen if it doesn’t work.

Finding A Mentor

I think you’ll find that it’s easier than you think. Start by joining a community like The Affiliate SEO Mastermind or The Affiliate Lab, like Pete said at a certain level, many people just wanna give back. Next up, we have Alex Zoo, who has a 7-Figure Affiliate Website Flipper under his belt, but is honestly one of the nicest and most humble people I’ve ever met in my life. – Biggest secret weapon when it comes to growing your business is learning to delegate effectively. I don’t think it gets enough attention. And by that, I mean learning to delegate responsibilities not tasks because as your team grows, if you’re just delegating task after task you just create bottlenecks.

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When you delegate responsibilities you empower people and you have to be less involved as the owner of the business and it can grow much faster than you could grow by yourself. So delegation a superpower, learn to do it well and things will grow very quickly. The fact that two people recommend doing the same thing means it’s serious business. As I said before, it’s all all about assigning responsibilities and not task. And I already gave you some homework on this topic. Make sure you take inventory of how you’ve been delegating as soon as possible.

Meet Dom Wells

What do you got for us Dom Wells of Onfolio? Hey Dom Wells here. For me, the number one skill has gotta be tenacity. Without tenacity, you’re just not gonna get anywhere in SEO. It takes ages for you to learn if you’re doing the right thing, you could just be doing the right work for ages and it doesn’t, you just have no idea if it’s actually gonna make a difference. Also you could be doing the wrong thing, you have no feedback. The feedback loop is very low. And the second reason is success doesn’t really come in a straight line with SEO.

You don’t get to see, I’m making a bit of money, I’m making a bit more money. You don’t get that encouragement instead it’s like nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, I’m on page one of Google, suddenly I’ve got money and a lot of people give up just before they reach that page one destination. – What I like about this is that it’s millionaire advice, but frame for the beginner. SEO is a slow business. But once you get to page one, the revenue you’ll make in one month will pay for the whole journey. Dom is telling you not to give up, have tenacity.

The problem I have with tenacity when I was first starting out is that I’d never actually met anyone in real life that made a decent living from SEO. It wasn’t real to me. I’d read stories from online course creators who say you can get rich from the stuff, but was that actually real for me? Not a chance. So in my opinion, the solution, once again, is networking and meeting people that have pulled it off, so they can give you reassurance that you’re on the right path. Let’s see what Jonas Torrang has to say, a seven figure affiliate in the casino space.

Two Very Important Habits

I feel like there are two very important habits that has taken me from where I used to be to where I am today. And number one, is that you have to find someone successful that you can learn from and give you advice. It can be a friend or maybe some, you know, in terms of SEO, SEO guru like Matt Diggity. And the second part is, you have to execute. You have to do what they say and you have to keep going, don’t give up. And that’s it. If you do that, you will become successful. It’s very simple, but not easy. – I swear I didn’t pay him to say that. But the advice to find a mentor has come up twice so, it’s important. Here’s how I found my first mentor. I joined an SEO group on Facebook and put up a post asking who lives in San Diego, the city I was living in at the time, I found the biggest badass and ask him out to dinner at the nicest restaurant in town. Just so I could pick his brain.

That dinner probably saved me about a year of mistakes. Then we continued the relationship. He was a veteran that didn’t have time to run tons of SEO tests and read all the SEO news and chatter. So I’d keep him up to date and he’d give me the OG knowledge. Now to round things off, here’s my millionaire advice for you, have integrity. Anything you say you’re gonna do, you fucking do it. If you tell someone you’re gonna be at a meeting you show up and you’re never late. If you tell someone you’re gonna deliver on a service, you do it and again, you’re never late.

Better Business Opportunities And Partnerships

Eventually people get to know you as the person that gets done and you’ll get better business opportunities and partnerships, but it doesn’t stop there, do it within your own business. Your employees will start to see that your company is a no BS place to work and your culture will develop into one that values high quality and punctuality. And most importantly have integrity with yourself. Never let yourself down on your promises. If you say you’re gonna stop staying up late, watching Netflix, then stop. If you say you’re gonna launch a new website by June, then you freaking do it.

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