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NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme, works towards creating a level playing ground for all its participants. With the help of individual funding plans and diligent disability support services, the scheme intends to address and eliminate various physical and social barriers in the lives of NDIS participants.

How does NDIS align with the Disability Support Service?

Governments worldwide are taking proactive steps to ensure an easy life for all their citizens. Australia also has the NDIS run by NDIA or National Disability Insurance Agency to help its citizens under 65 years access funding to accomplish their life goals.

The NDIShelps its participants access the following services-

  • Healthcare, Education and other mainstream services
  • Charities, Sports Clubs and other community services
  • Informal support from families and friends
  • Necessary funded services

There are registered disability support services that work towards the well-being of NDIS participants. By assisting them in creating social connections, helping with everyday tasks, and making meaningful transitions in life, the NDIS in Sunshine and other parts of Australia aims to ease the participant’s life.

Here’s how the disability support services help NDIS participants overcome barriers-

7 Common Barriers experienced by people with disabilities

Lack of Confidence

Active involvement in various community events helps in leading a happier life. However, some participants may lack confidence and hesitate to connect with other people.

In such a situation, registered disability support services can assist you in overcoming the confidence barrier and actively participating in all walks of life. By connecting you with like-minded people and creating meaningful interactions, the disability support in Sunshine aims to amplify the overall quality of your life.

Understanding the requirements

Every participant may have unique needs. When you have a registered disability support service with broad experience and training, they can quickly analyse your requirements and provide solutions. Thereby eliminating the barrier and helping you live as independently as possible.

Inefficient Support Service

The extent of disability support services may vary according to the participant. While some can lead an independent life with little support, others may require a custom approach.

The disability support in Sunshine comprises partners who are experts at navigating and catering to your needs. Through their experience, they assist in accomplishing goals specific to you.

Lack of Knowledge about Government Policies

Most people know about NDIS but do not understand how to utilise it for their well-being.

NDIS provides funding to ease the life of its participants. It also has registered disability support services with experts who can help you navigate various NDIS policies and aid in the appropriate usage of the funding. You can easily find your nearest disability support in Sunshine or elsewhere through the NDIS website.

Lack of familiarity with Assistive Technology

Disability-friendly or assistive technology helps the participant enhance functionality and lead an independent life. Hearing aids, wheelchairs, pill organisers etc., are some forms of assistive technology that can help promote well-being.

If your NDIS individual plan supports funding for assistive technology, your registered disability support service can help acquire and make the best use of it.

Resistance to Transition

Sometimes our participants may be resistant to transitions in life relating to the change in accommodation, shifting to a new workspace, deciding on higher studies etc.

Our expert disability support service can ease the transition process and help individuals achieve higher goals in their life without hiccups. A service registered at NDIS in Sunshine handles your safety and well-being and provides a smooth transition to the next levels of life.

Challenges in Travel

The easy commute is vital to achieving your daily goals. Whether it’s going to the workplace, community centres, doctors or other places, the registered disability support provider can assist you.

The support workers can drive you to all your appointments without compromising your safety. If you want somebody to oversee you, the support workers can also perform the same by accompanying you.


Genuine and expert disability support services can help you tick off your life goals and lead an independent life. So, contact your nearest community partner and acquire all the necessary support.

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