NDIS Support Coordinator

You may have heard about support coordination if you have an NDIS plan or are considering enrolling in the NDIS scheme. If you include support coordination in your plan, you get the option to hire an NDIS Support Coordinator to assist you in implementing and maintaining your NDIS plan.

NDIS Support Coordinator
NDIS Support Coordinator

What is a Support Coordinator?

An NDIS support coordinator’s role is to work with you to develop a good mix of support for your NDIS plan. A coordinator helps you gain confidence and learn the skills required to take the responsibility of implementing your plan by yourself.

A support coordinator can:

  • Understand your NDIS plan’s budgets.
  • Locate and connect with the services and supports in your locality.
  • Connect to any equipment and therapy services you require.
  • Explore options for permanent housing.
  • Work towards accomplishing the objectives listed in your NDIS Plan that are relevant to you.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed or unaware of what to do next when you receive your first NDIS Plan. An NDIS support coordinator is your partner who will assist you in bringing your NDIS Plan into existence.

Not everyone will have a support coordinator, but you can include one when you have higher-level requirements or may not have access to assistance from family or friends. So don’t hesitate to request a support coordinator at your NDIS planning meeting.

What is Specialist Support Coordination?

Specialist support coordination helps participants access Disability Support in Melton. This specialised form of support intends for those with complex needs or dealing with challenging circumstances.

You might be eligible for a Specialist Support Coordinator if you have complex needs. Specialist support coordinator usually has clinical training, such as that of a social worker, psychologist, or occupational therapist. Specialist support coordinators perform much of the tasks same as regular support coordinators, but they also use their extensive knowledge to assist you in managing the specific obstacles you’ll experience.

Let’s look at the roles and responsibilities of a support coordinator in detail.

What is the Role of an NDIS Support Coordinator?

1.    Assist You in Understanding Your NDIS Plan:

Your NDIS support coordinator will work with you to better understand your NDIS plan, including:

  • Your support budgets and what you can obtain with the funds you have.
  • Managing your funds.
  • What additional conditions you must meet to receive these supports, like when quotes may be necessary, what you can and cannot claim, how much you can claim, and when service appointments are advisable.

2.    Connect You with Support and Resources:

Your NDIS support coordinator must be aware of the services available in your community. Your support coordinator can help you:

  • Discover community, NDIS, and other government programs that you can access.
  • Choose the right services and support for you.
  • Help you find providers and services that help you achieve your goals, like advocacy services if required.

Your service coordinator can assist you in understanding:

  • When you must choose NDIS registered providers, such as when receiving NDIA-managed assistance or for specific support that the NDIS Commission identifies.
  • Choose unregistered providers, like self-management or plan-management assistance.
  • Quality and safety measures, ensuring the NDIS Commission hasn’t banned the provider.
  • Provide estimates, evaluations, or processes during home or vehicle improvements.

Discuss with your support coordinator how your society and family may assist you in achieving your goals. Your support coordinator should assist you in receiving government or community services.

3.    Develop and Maintain Your Supports:

Your NDIS support coordinator can assist you in setting up your support by:

  • Establish service agreements and service bookings that reflect the support you require. For instance, your support coordinator can assist you in understanding and negotiating the support and services you want, how you want them delivered, and the price you are willing to pay.
  • Understand the travel and cancellation policies and what providers may and may not charge.
  • Discover any issues that can prevent you from executing your plan and how to fix them.

Your support coordinator can assist you in maintaining your support by:

  • Ensure the efficiency of your current supports.
  • Make a strategy for what to do if something goes wrong, like if a supplier cancels or you are happy with the service.
  • To guarantee that you continue receiving the support you require, look for new providers or switch providers.

Your support coordinator can also assist you in filing a complaint with the NDIS Commission if you are dissatisfied with the effectiveness or security of NDIS support and services.

4.    Submit a Report to the NDIA:

The NDIA will require reports from your support coordinator detailing how they assist you in using your plan and achieving your objectives. These reports consist of:

  • Plan implementation report, describing the actions you and your support coordinator took after starting a new plan.
  • A report on your progress in implementing your plan at the halfway point that also outlines further steps you and your support coordinator will take
  • Report on plan review that evaluates how you implemented your NDIS plan and offers suggestions for your subsequent plan.

You and your support coordinator should talk about what reports you must submit to the NDIA during the development of your service agreement and how your support coordinator should claim for report writing time.

Your support coordinator is eligible to claim report writing time for an NDIA-requested report if they meet all the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits requirements.

How Can You Find a Support Coordinator?

You must inform your Planner if you want to use a support coordinator’s services. Prepare yourself to justify why you believe you require a support coordinator, as you only receive funds if it is deemed “reasonable and required.”

An NDIS Support Coordinator will assist you in understanding your financing and ways to manage it to its maximum capacity after the plan approval. The coordinator will let you know what they can help with and may advise you to save enough funds for Plan Review since the results could significantly impact the following year.

Their ability to support you will depend on your ability to pay. However, it’s crucial to remember that an examination of your Support Coordination funds might take place during your plan review.

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