Sell-side companies create broker research to assist investors and hedge fund managers in finding market opportunities and making wise investment decisions. Forward-thinking companies are increasingly realizing the importance of this expert analysis as a tool for strategic decision-making.

We, InfoFX is Vietnam’s most well-known and trustworthy websites in the financial sector. The biggest benefit of InfoFX is that it can manage the majority of the challenging issues that financiers and financial brokers face, such as price slippage, non-withdrawal, order intervention, etc.

A broker-dealer is engaged in purchasing stocks, bonds, and other types of securities. Then, at a price greater than the purchase price, they sell the shares to a different investor. The profit on the transactions is represented by the dealer’s spread, which is the difference between the two prices. If you are engaged in the Broker Dealer check activities or Broker research for a profitable deal, you can find our platform quite suitable.

Additionally, we regularly update the news on both domestic and foreign financial markets.

When investors are having trouble with a transaction or investment, support is provided promptly. Website has been operating for almost ten years and is administered by C3 HOLDINGS PTE. LTD. in Singapore (Business ID: 202130301C).

To manage, process, and accept more than a thousand cases across nations in general, and Vietnam in particular, InfoFX has assembled a team of domestic and international specialists with substantial legal experience in Vietnam and a group of technology experts.

Our Mission

We are aimed to provide a balance of justice, which ensures fairness and transparency for all investors and exchanges, as it rises to the top position as the major representation of trust for the financial community.  InfoFx is dedicated to acting as a reliable bridge, delivering investors the highest benefits at all times, and fully resolving all of their challenging issues. We are committed to constantly providing security and acting as a partner when making investments in this trillion-dollar financial industry.

Our Core Values


Being truthful, we ensure integrity in all interactions and activities.


Respect yourself, your coworkers, the company, your investors, and your partners, is what we believe.


We believe in being fair with all parties, including workers, investors, traders, IBs, exchanges, and investors.


We believe in respecting established rules and behaving morally.


We believe in respecting the law, the company’s policies and regulations, the Code of Conduct, and the rules of the global financial community.


InfoFX is a platform for accessing trade information and updating stock and bond news. To help investors choose the best trading strategy and maximize the financial market’s revenue, InfoFX develops trading ratings based on several factors, including brand credibility, risk management credibility, user perception of trading experience, etc. So if you are conducting a broker research or Broker Dealer check activity, we are there to help you.

All of the content on our website is provided solely for general informational purposes; investors are solely responsible for all investment decisions. InfoFX disclaims liability for any investor’s actions.

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