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The logo is a symbol of your company, from which the acquaintance of the target audience with the brand begins. How to create a logo that will be recognizable? How does a modern logo differ from those created earlier? Geometric logos, abstract, vintage, 3D – which one to choose for your brand? We answer these and other questions.

What is a logo and what is it for?

A bit of theory. What’s this? All sorts of definitions boil down to the fact that this is the emblem of the organization, created to identify the company, its products and services. The term itself appeared at the beginning of the 19th century in printing houses to designate ready-made clichés, and on January 1, 1876, the world’s first company logo was officially registered – the emblem of Bass beer.

Do you recognize all the logos in the photo? Even if you do not use the products and services of these companies, their logos are familiar to everyone. The dream of any logo is to become a world-class star, but in fact, logos are created in order to:

Increase the company’s awareness. Images are easier to perceive and remember, so people will associate the logo with your company and its benefits.

Make marketing more effective by helping to differentiate you from your competitors and building brand loyalty.

Confirm the authenticity of your products.

What types of logos are there?

Logo design is a creative business, so there are more than 20 different styles: a loft-style logo, a spiral logo, ribbons, and animal logos… But all types of organization emblems can be divided into three main groups.

Text logos

They consist of abbreviations, individual words or phrases.

Graphic logos

They are an image that is associated with the scope of the company and represent its products and services.

Combined logos

They combine both the text part and the graphic part.

How to create a modern logo?

A person is greeted by clothes, and acquaintance with the company begins with the logo. Remember how unaesthetically the sites of the early 2000s look now, with flashy colors and a pile of banners, pictures and text against the background of modern, concise, with a lot of “air” and thoughtful architecture. The same is true with logos. Modern logo design meets current business trends and trends. What rules and wishes should be taken into account if you want your logo to be an example of a stylish and effective emblem of the organization?

The modern logo is distinguished by conciseness and simplicity

The reality is that your target audience has no time to look at the flourishes and admire the references to the work of Magritte. The logo should be simple and equally easy to read when a potential buyer walks through the store where your products are presented, and when he drives past your banner at a speed of 60 km/h. A simple logo is easier to remember, notice and recognize.

Choose logo shapes that will always be in trend

Spinners have appeared and disappeared, and the Rubik’s Cube has been haunting minds for more than a decade. Let your logo be such a cube – simple but interesting. So you can change it with the development of your company, expansion of products, services, mission, leaving the logo design recognizable and readable.

The right logo looks equally good on a banner and a business card

Your company logo is used everywhere: on corporate printing, on products, in advertising, on large-scale banners. It can be printed in full color or black and white. Regardless of its size and color, it should be readable and not lose quality when enlarged. That is why we recommend that you provide a logo for drawing in a vector format that can be scaled for both a business card and a banner.

The company logo should reflect the industry and characteristics of the company

The font, graphic image, color scheme should create an impression of your company even for those who do not know about it. Does the logo create a feeling of confidence and security? So it belongs to a bank or an insurance company. Multi-colored letters in the shape of a smile? The company produces goods for children.

Based on the general principles of creation, the logo must be unique. Just because an organization’s logo painfully resembles the familiar bitten apple doesn’t mean the company is as cool as Apple.

How to make a logo recognizable?

When you have a modern logo, simple, clear, “talking”, you are faced with the task of making it recognizable. Some logos become so popular that they go “free floating”, as happened, for example, with New York Yankees baseball caps or the emblem of the NASA organization. One of the main assistants of your marketers is applying a logo on corporate souvenirs , because everything that your target audience uses every day can and should be with your logo. The TOP 3 items that are personalized around the world are pens, mugs and t-shirts.

Drawing a logo on handles

A pen is a universal corporate souvenir that can be used as a gift for promotions or giveaways at events and included in a corporate gift set for business partners.

Mugs with a logo

We all drink tea and coffee at home and in the office. Hot drinks invigorate, cheer up and create a spiritual atmosphere of friendly communication. Let the mug with your company logo always be there so that the brand is associated with pleasant and joyful moments

T-shirts with a logo

The stylish design of a quality t-shirt with a logo will increase the number of contacts with your brand at times. In a cool T-shirt, you don’t want to fry kebabs and dig potatoes in the country, but wear it every day “on the way out”. How to make just such a T-shirt, you will learn in our material about the types of printing on fabric .

Branded merch and why you need it

Are your customers proud to use your company’s products and services? It’s time to create a collection of branded merchandise. It differs from corporate gifts with a logo in that people choose it themselves and are willing to pay money to use accessories and clothing with the logo of the organization. About why merch is needed and how to implement it correctly, read the article at the link .

Ready to make your logo more popular than Hollywood stars? We will select for you corporate gifts and souvenirs in our catalog and make a suitable application.

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