In these Modern Straight Kitchen , you can cook with ease. Old but timeless! Straight kitchens are making a comeback. It is an excellent choice for city dwellers living in small apartments or anyone who appreciates minimalism. This type of kitchen is built along a single wall, as the name implies. A cooking hob, a refrigerator, and a washbasin are all lined up on the countertop, making everything easily accessible and cooking much easier. Though it may appear simple, designing and building this type of straight kitchen while keeping it aesthetically pleasing is extremely difficult. So, if you’re looking for ideas, here are some modern straight kitchen designs to consider before making a decision.

Modern Straight Kitchen | Straight Versatile Kitchen Saves Space

If you live in a small apartment and can’t afford a separate kitchen and lots of storage cabinets, this modular straight line kitchen design is a must-have. This olive-green-and-white-themed kitchen has every amenity imaginable for an Indian household. It has a side-by-side double door refrigerator, an OTG, a four-burner kitchen stove, a chimney, plenty of sleek cabinets, hooks for hanging ladles and cups, and an ultra-smart space-saving wall-mounted dining table with hidden storage inside. You’ll never run out of storage space with innovative modular oil pull-out, lift-up shutters, clear glass cabinets, and so on. You can contact a home interior manufacturer near you to redesign your kitchen . For example, if you live in Noida, India, You can contact an Interior designer in Noida or a modular kitchen manufacturer in Noida.

Modern Straight Kitchen | Play with the colour scheme.

A straight kitchen is ideal for smaller rooms. However, because it is in an open area, it is critical to select a suitable colour scheme so that it does not appear to be an eyesore. You can also experiment with colour pops. The kitchen in the image, for example, has a contrasting colour scheme. With all of the cabinets painted black, the beige mosaic tiled backsplash and bright olive green countertop appear to breathe new life into the space. In addition, the glass crockery cabinet functions admirably as a showcase. It can also be used to store colourful containers and jars to add even more colour. Furthermore, the small space beside the kitchen has been strategically used as a dining table. Items are also stored on two overhead hanging shelves.

The Classic Modern Straight Kitchen Design

The image below is an excellent example of how to incorporate classic charm into a modern modular straight kitchen design. The white wooden cabinets give the kitchen a vintage feel despite the fact that the structure is modern. It has it all: a large pantry cabinet, an oven, a four-burner stove, a sink, a refrigerator, and numerous storage cabinets beneath and above the countertop, as well as one above the fridge. The glass cabinet in the middle breaks up the monotony. To match the wooden dining table, the kitchen has a butcher block countertop. It is illuminated by overhead lights. The backlight beneath the top cabinet creates an atmosphere that draws attention to the brick-like backsplash.

The Studio Apartment’s Ultra Small Modern Straight Kitchen

This small straight kitchen design is ideal if you live in a small studio apartment. This kitchen has enough storage space to hold crockery, utensils, cutlery, and groceries for more than two people, despite having a minimal wall space. Although there is no refrigerator, the design compensates with a small sink, an oven, a sleek chimney, and an induction cooktop. Even dead spaces such as those over the chimney, under the sink, and under base units are well utilised in this straight kitchen design with vertical lift-up shutter, under-sink unit, and skirting drawer. If you live in a small space like this, try this design.

A Straight Kitchen Layout with an Island

Islands are not commonly used in Indian kitchens. However, if you enjoy multifunctionality, it is advantageous. When you don’t have time for elaborate dining, islands become the architectural focal point of your kitchen while providing plenty of space for meal preparation, storage, and eating. When you have friends over, it also makes a great hangout spot, especially if you add a few high stools and stylish looking pendant lights, as shown in the image below. To add more storage space, install a sink and drawers at the bottom.

We hope these designs have inspired you to give your kitchen a once-in-a-lifetime makeover. However, if you have any questions, we are here to assist you. Schedule a consultation today to have your questions answered by our team of expert interior designers.

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