Building a commercial project isn’t a one-man job. You need a great team of people to work together to create a stunning and functional commercial space. 

One of the most important team members of your project is going to be an architect. But how do you find the right architect for the job? Follow along for tips on how to find the right architect to work on your commercial project. 

What to Expect from a Commercial Architect

First things first, when you are looking for a commercial architect you need to know what you should be expecting. You don’t want to have certain ideas of what a commercial architect does just to be confused when you have meetings with potential partners. 

When you narrow down the candidates, you should expect to have an initial consultation with a commercial architect. This gives you the chance to ask them any questions you may have about their process and how they work on projects like yours. 

During the consultation, you and the architect will discuss the needs of the project. Especially the requirements during the initial part of the construction, or a site visit if the building is already constructed. 

You should expect your commercial architect to be knowledgeable in the planning and construction of commercial spaces. Although a consultation with a commercial architect may feel similar to one with a residential architect, the needs are very different. 

So you should expect your commercial architect to be very familiar with the needs of commercial construction projects. These needs may include zoning laws of the building or new build, potential permits you may need to obtain, and any adjustments that will be necessary for your project. 

Past Work and References

Once you meet with a commercial architect, you’ll want to figure out how they have worked with clients in the past. Be sure to check out their past projects. This will help you to decide if their creative vision is in line with your project. You can also see if they have worked on projects that are up to scale with yours. Once you feel good about the past work of your commercial architect, you should also obtain references. 

You may have found your potential commercial architect from a reference. However, it is good to get a couple of opinions to further understand if you and your commercial architect will work well together. You can gather references directly from the firm or do some research to see what past clients have said. 

Getting references will also help you to know if this certain architect can stay on schedule, work with your budget, and if they are good communicators. 

The Commercial Architect’s Network 

A great commercial architect will have a network of creatives and builders they can offer to work on your project. If you need certain building services to get the job done, your architect may have builders they can suggest. 

If you decide to go with an architectural firm, they may have companies that they already have good relationships with to work on your project. 

Once the building and design are complete, your architect may also be able to recommend interior designers to help with the finishing touches of your commercial space. Knowing that your commercial architect has a wide network not only helps vouch for their work but can help you easily finish a project if you ever get stuck. 


You will be working closely with your commercial architect, so communication is key. You want to make sure that you find a commercial architect that has great communication skills. 

This will help you and them stay on task on your project and make sure your goals are always aligned. Although your architect should be licensed, insured, and solve problems for your project, you should overall find someone that can communicate with you to create a gorgeous commercial space.  

If you need more tips on how to find the right commercial architect for you, check out this comprehensive guide from ZP Architects Engineering.


Finding the right commercial architect may take some time. But once you find the right fit, you are ensuring that your commercial project will run smoothly and on track. It’s worth taking the time to build a team that has your project’s interests in mind to create a beautiful space. 

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