There’s no law that says your bedroom should match your bathroom, but if you have an ensuite bathroom connected to your bedroom, you have a unique opportunity to create a cohesive and aligned personal space.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that your bathroom and bedroom should look exactly the same, but the theme, color palette, and accessories should nod to each other.

Read this guide about matching your bathroom to your bedroom décor :

1. Create a Color Palette

With a color palette, you can choose multiple colors that are complementary to each other and will create a certain amount of continuity without creating a monotone or limited color scheme.

To create a palette, you would generally start with one or two colors that you like. From those colors, you can add complementary colors for a total of five colors.

There is a helpful online tool that you can use to help you create your color palette called Coolors. This is a free tool that can generate color palettes, let you see what is trending, and give you ideas for new colors. 

There are some color palettes that never go out of style such as greys, beiges, and cream colors. There are some fantastic grey ideas shared by Nue Glow for your bathroom that you can transition into your bedroom. 

Once you are happy with your color palette, you can mix and match these colors in your bedroom and bathroom accents, walls, or accessories. 

2. Match with Finishes

Another way to unify your bedroom to your bathroom without matching colors perfectly is to match with the same finishes.

For example, if your bathroom faucet, towel bar, and light fixtures are brass, you can add brass lamps, furniture accents, or art frames in your bedroom.

On the flip side, if your bedroom has many natural accents like wood, fiber, and greenery, you can use this same theme in your bathroom with woven baskets, wooden frames, and houseplants.

You can also look at your furniture finishes, tilework, and cabinet colors to see if you can match these to each other.

3. Have a Unifying Theme

Even if you can’t match your bedroom and bathroom with color or finishes, you can still create unity by keeping a common theme.

If your bedroom has a boho vibe, your bathroom should have the same feel. If your bedroom is modern, you shouldn’t have a Victorian bathroom connected to it. There will be a huge disconnect.

While you can contrast with color and still create a livable area, you can’t pull off contrasting themes.

4. A Shared Ambiance

One way to connect your bathroom to your bedroom is by ensuring that they share the same ambiance.

Another word that is similar to ambiance is atmosphere, and there are several ways to control this in your home.

One way is by adjusting the lighting temperature. Lighting can be stark, subtle, and anything in between. Natural light will also create a different ambiance than small lamps.

You can change the lighting atmosphere by location, position, and amount. 

Lighting that is coming from the floor has a different feel than lighting from the ceiling, and lighting from the corners will feel different than lighting from the middle of the room. 

You can also change the ambiance with the materials that you use. Sheer drapes have a totally different vibe than heavy damask or even slatted blinds. 

5. Sprinkle in Patterns

An easy and subtle way to create a cohesive style between your bedroom and ensuite bathroom is to use the same pattern or fabric in both rooms, no matter how little.

You can literally just add an accent pillow on your bed with the same pattern as the wallpaper in your bathroom or use the same fabric for both your shower curtain and your bedspread. 

Another consideration is to use several pieces from the same artwork portfolio in both your bathroom and your bedroom. If you have black and white photos of the city in your bedroom, add one in your bathroom as well. 


Just as you would want your shoes to match your top and your jacket to match your earrings, you should do your best for matching your bathroom to your bedroom.

You’ll notice that having one central theme will make your unwinding area much more relaxing. 

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