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The Indian EdTech industry is slowly marching towards the hybrid learning approach. Leading companies like Jaro Education are consistently adding hybrid PGDM curriculums from the Welingkar Institute of Management into their Online Management Program list. These types of advanced methods to gain commercial knowledge will help fast-paced managers to get an edge of skin in the game. It’s basically an idea or approach which will further develop the skills of managers and stakeholders. They get used to working hard in critical circumstances to produce much better business results.

Hybrid programs at Jaro Education will equip students with an advanced specialization to manage different business situations and will explore new career opportunities like entrepreneurship. The hybrid PGDM program is getting widely popular among the masses and it’s time for aspirants to collect details about it rather than wasting their time on gossip related to Jaro Education Fake. Enrolling in such a hybrid learning program will open up a plethora of opportunities for you.

How Hybrid PGDM is a great choice for professionals?

A Hybrid PGDM program is quite similar to an MBA program. Unlike traditional PGDM courses, it doesn’t require an on-campus presence of the candidate. He/she can avail of the benefits of online learning according to their convenience and accessibility. Professionals have the responsibilities of their families and they also need to focus on their job roles as well to manage their financial expenses. A hybrid PGDM program allows such candidates to keep continuing with their daily routines and acquires a PGDM degree as well.

Jaro Education is offering aspirants the opportunity to participate in the Hybrid PGDM program and step towards a recognized position of fast-paced managers to have an edge of skin in the game ideology. This 2-year Hybrid PGDM Program is offered in association with Welingkar University which offers more than 18 specializations to the students.

Can a Hybrid PGDM Program help your career?

A Hybrid PGDM program is designed to accommodate the managerial and entrepreneurship skills of the candidates. This is a special degree to enhance the decision-making skills of professionals and help them to become thought-oriented leaders. The curriculum prepares them to be ready to face future business challenges and can contribute to innovative and unique business ideas to open new revenue streams for organizations. Below are some of the top career opportunities after a Hybrid PGDM degree.

Brand Manager

Every brand in this ever-evolving era of digitalization looks for young and energetic brand managers to strategize its media management and advertising. After acquiring a Hybrid PGDM degree, candidates can enter into this magnificent job role to avail of an attractive annual salary package ranging from INR 8 to 10 lakhs.

Market Research Analyst

After completing your Hybrid PGDM program, you can enter into various sectors including retail, entertainment, FMCG etc. MNCs in related industries search for analytical minds and your specialization will help you to get a role there as a Market Research Analyst. This is an attractive job role for aspirants having analytical skills and research interests. An average pay scale of INR 5 to 6 lakhs is being offered to such professionals.

Fund Manager

One thing is sure after completing your Hybrid PGDM that you’ll become a fast-paced manager to have skin in the game adaptability to mould yourself in any condition. This course will develop your specialization as a financial expert. You can enter into a leading business to handle its investment and financial operations or can also work as a freelancer to help clients in managing their funds. You can earn up to INR 20-25 lakhs per annum by entering into this profession.

Is Welingkar University (WeSchool) valuable for a Hybrid PGDM program?

Well, with the assurance of the leading EdTech platform, Jaro Education, you can rely on Welingkar University’s credibility and reputation. It’s one of the most popular and recognized B-schools in the nation today. The program is approved by AICTE and WeSchool acquires more than four decades of experience in the management industry. Through this article, our aim is to guide aspirants to invest in the best educational foundation and drive a transformational change in their careers. Hybrid learning is the future of education and it’s good that we have leading EdTech players like Jaro Education to nurture the skills of candidates. Skip your doubts related to Jaro Education Fake and acquire a credible qualification to provide the much-required boost to your career.

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