Hair shields for hairdressers are just as significant as PPE for any industry. Because hairstylists work carefully with their clients, it is important they have a face shield. We provide good and high-quality face shields for hairstylists. Here are a few features and advantages of our hair shields for hairdressers.

Our Face Shields for the Hairdressers are very Safe and Effective

One of the reasons why a Hair Stylist Face Shield is so effective is that it cuts down on the rate of spread of infections. Hairdressers will see a lot of clients each day and with so many people passing, it is foreseeable that one of them may be potentially infected. Our face shield hairdressers are very protective because they will limit all the chances of transmission of other viruses like

  • Breathing in drops from an infected person near you
  • Being sneezed by an infected person
  • Being coughed by an infected person
  • Touching any infected surface

Our Hair Stylist Face Shield for the hairdressers totally covers their faces. The drops from an infected person will have a hard time piercing the shield and infecting any staff.

Our Face Shield for the Hairdressers is very Affordable

It is important that hairdressers should be able to afford the shield that they need to keep for themselves, and for their families. That is why all our hairdresser’s face shields are very affordable. We use very high-quality but cheap materials in an effective way to bring down the total cost of the shield. Everyone earns the ability to keep themselves safe in a salon from small hair, and heat. Our inexpensive face shield for hairdressers gives them the chance to work with peace of mind.

We offer the Best Face Shield for Hairdressers

  • Our Full-Face Security Shields Can Provide Total Eye and Face Protection
  • Our hairdressers face shield protects from heat and other infections
  • Our Hairdressers Face Shield is very Comfortable
  • Our face shields are the best is because they are very comfortable. Many other shields are big or heavy.

Hairdressers have to be on their feet for quite a few hours. Having something which is heavy on their heads can make the strain even worse. Our face shields for hairdressers fix that problem as you can easily wear the face shields without adding further strain to your body. This allows you to be protected throughout your day. Another significant aspect of our face shields is that they are very clear. Hairdressers want to see what they are doing. Our hairdresser’s shield is made of clear and very transparent material. We do not vague vision with a special film that is layering over the shield. Hairdressers will be able to see what they are doing, so they can offer the same satisfactory results.

Features of our face shield

  • It is Full-length and provides more complete coverage than distinctive face shields.
  • Easy wear design which stays on with over-the-ear glasses
  • It is a wrap-around design that provides over-the-top, side, and front face protection too.
  • Face shield aids to guard the eyes, nose, and mouth against sprays, and splatters.
  • It is also suitable for extended wear.
  • It has a High-quality and distortion-free 7mm Polyester film.
  • It is also treated with anti-fog coating.
  • It will be clear for maximum visibility.
  • It will be in stock and will be ready to ship immediately

The Safety Information

The Shield is manufactured to be worn to protect the face from splashes and bodily fluids but it is not intended to prevent acute respiratory contaminations nor is it protection from any effect on the face. The shield can be worn comfortably for 8 hours and if you are reusing any headband, it should be used by the same person only. It is designed to sit securely in front of the face without feeling any kind of discomfort. It can be moved closer or more away from your face dependent on your necessities and visor design. It can also be worn with a face mask and glasses too. It’s clear material and the curved design will not limit any visibility.

Want to purchase the best face shield for hair stylists?

Our face shield is an ideal solution for experts and hairdressers to guard themselves during services and if you want any face shield you can purchase it from Hair Stylist Face Shield by ECOHEADS you can contact us

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