On January 13, 2022, Yamaha announced in Indonesia the 2022 model year of the XSR155, the smallest of its neo-classic XSR bikes, with the addition of a Motor Yamaha terbaru 2022 matte dark blue color, and the XSR155, which celebrates more than 60 years of Yamaha’s participation in the motorcycle championship WGP and was previously only available in the YZF-R series (YZF-R15/R3/R7/R1). The World GP 60th Anniversary also appears on the XSR155!

The XSR155, designed under the leadership of Yamaha Thailand and officially unveiled in August 2019, is a neo-classic model based on the sport street bike model MT-15 and launched in the main style of Heritage Sports (neo-classic sports), and is also the third model in the lineup after the XSR900 and XSR700.

The XSR155 is equipped with the same 155cc water-cooled four-stroke SOHC 4-valve single-cylinder engine with VVA variable valve structure as the MT-15/YZF-R15, with a maximum horsepower of 19.3ps/10,000rpm, and the high rigidity brought by the DELTA BOX frame, sliding clutch and inverted fork, making it very neutral and easy to handle. As long as special attention is paid to the movement of the center of gravity and the pitching movement of the bike, every rider can enjoy the fun of mountain driving unintentionally, and it is a bike with a classic and stylish appearance and a passionate interior.

This time, Yamaha released the 2022 XSR155 in the Indonesian market. In addition to the two color schemes of the current model, a more gentlemanly matte blue color has been added, and the red speed chain block, fuel tank Yamaha emblem and red background are used on the side cover of the original red/white painted model to commemorate Yamaha’s participation in the motorcycle championship WGP for more than 60 years. World GP 60th Anniversary.

For reference, the suggested price of XSR155 in Indonesia is Rp36,950,000 for the standard version and Rp37,550,000 for the 60th anniversary version (equivalent to about 71,000/72,000 NTD respectively).

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