Deepanshu Kher is a prestigious name in the industry when it comes to motivational speaking or speech writing. Mr. Kher is someone who believes that everyone should start approaching things whenever they are losing heart and are unable to find any path. He also used to use this approach whenever he addresses his audience. If you are also perplexed about whether Mr. Kher is a motivational speaker or an entrepreneur, then this post is for you. 

Today, we will try to figure out more about the professional journey of Mr. Deepanshu through this post. So let us get started!

The early life of Deepanshu Kher

Born on 28th May 1985, Mr. Deepanshu Kher is a successful Delhi-based motivational speaker cum entrepreneur. He has completed his bachelor’s and master’s degree from reputed institutions in management. Being an excellent student, he was always on the teacher’s favorite lists. 

Professional journey: how does it start?

You cannot achieve the highest milestone in your life overnight! This is something Deepanshu Kher – a motivational speaker believes the most. If we talk about his professional journey, it is quite dramatic. He is a great fan of Opera Winfrey. During his college days, he used to address students and resolve their problems. So, we can say that college days were more like the foundation for this further career.

Besides, he used to guide his friends and family members about business and its success. There is an incident when things changed. One of his friends discussed his business failures with him. He was about to shut down the venture due to massive monetary loss. After listening to his issues, he suggested some modifications for his business and asked him to launch it again. On his recommendation, his friend gave him another chance in his venture. Today, his company is having turnover of millions.

There is one more incident that gives him the motivation to work toward changing people’s lives. It was the time when he was coming to his home from school. He saw an old man who was selling crackers. When he asked the old man about his family, he got to know that he is living alone and earning money for his survival. This incident affected him a lot and provided him with the inspiration to bring positive changes in peoples’ lives. 

Why did he become a motivational speaker?

Even though he is an entrepreneur, he is mainly recognized as a motivational speaker for his outstandingly written and positivity-filled speeches. He chooses this industry because he always wanted to help others so that some positive changes can be brought. He, in fact, used to help fellow students during school and college days. Deepanshu Kher Motivational speaker is the one who used to guide and motivate students who have failed their exams or did not perform well.

Apart from this, he has some inherent qualities of a motivational speaker. Yes, he is quite fervent about his work, he has knowledge and experience in different industries and areas such as entrepreneurship, business expansion, marketing, and branding, he possesses the skills needed to influence audiences, and the most important thing is that he has empathy and eloquence. All these qualities not only help him understand people but provide them with the solutions they need for positive outcomes.

What he has achieved so far?

Deepanshu Kher – as a motivational speaker and a successful entrepreneur has won so many achievements and awards so far. Some of these include the Best Motivational Speaker 2019 (North India), Creative and Leading Motivational Speaker of the Year 2017, Star Youth Award Instituted, and Most Inspiring Speakers. He is today widely known for his professionalism, hard work, and precisely created training programs in corporate companies. All these make him a successful motivational speaker and an entrepreneur at the same time.

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