Do you require top-notch leads for your property management company but are unsure where to begin? Or maybe you’ve been managing properties for a while, but your current advertising strategy isn’t generating enough owner leads. You need to draw in new clients if you want to grow your property management business. However, as the world grows more digital, a number of tried-and-true advertising techniques have essentially lost their relevance. In the present world, cold calling, radio and television marketing, and print media can only generate so many leads. Since change is inescapable, finding new clients for property management must be done effectively.

Use a tried-and-true marketing strategy if you want to stay ahead of the pack in the property management industry. We’ll go through the top 15 property management marketing strategies for 2020 in this post, all of which will help you branch out and increase revenue.

Tips to promote property management business

Property management website

The overwhelming majority of people who research property management companies do it online. Therefore, regardless of the number of rental properties you manage, it is essential to have a high-quality website. A contemporary, mobile-friendly website is necessary for building brand recognition and establishing a favourable first impression on landlords. professional real estate property manager such as Rising Realty Partners.

Marketing content

Any effective marketing strategy for property management in 2020 will still heavily rely on content marketing. In actuality, it’s an excellent plan for growing your lead pool. Regularly create in-depth, original blog posts covering the most critical problems landlords encounter. As a consequence, people will consider your property management firm to be a leader in the industry. Developing content with SEO is crucial to improving your search engine rankings.

Guest Blogging

Another excellent way to position oneself as an industry authority is to submit guest writings to important local real estate websites. Get your brand listed on well-known websites to raise its profile, solidify its reputation, and generate more leads.

Use Visual Content

Property managers should use visual content in their marketing plans, such as videos, infographics, photographs, charts, and presentations. On the web, visual content is particularly effective at sparking interest and activity. Be creative and original in your approach.


It’s no secret that using social media to sell a property management company’s services is one of the most effective and affordable strategies. Almost everyone has a social media account these days. It’s a fantastic way to publicise your company and attract new clients. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube are utilised to market your company and strengthen client connections. The knowledge found inside is a real estate manager’s paradise.

Influencer marketing

One of the finest methods for selling property management services is influencer marketing since it lets you focus on a certain group of people who you know have an interest in property management. Through this kind of internet advertising, people with significant influence in their particular groups are recruited to aid in spreading the word about the product in question. Influencer marketing will be crucial to any effective property management marketing strategy in 2020.


Consider creating strategic connections with other nearby businesses that offer related goods or services if you want to draw in more of your desired audience. Additionally, positive customer reviews or recommendations from other nearby businesses may do wonders for the trustworthiness of your brand. This will help your property management marketing efforts. This group may include real estate-focused lawyers, regional banks, accountants, real estate agents, etc.

Be social

The importance of community engagement in marketing your business cannot be understated. By sponsoring local events and causes, you may network with the community and build your brand. This shows your business’s dedication to the community and will attract new clients.

Referral programme

Receiving referrals from past customers is one of the most reliable ways to enhance your advertising to property owners. Promotional tactics, including price reductions, cash refunds, and gift vouchers, are all feasible choices. You might want to consider offering a referral bonus to generate repeat business from your current clients.

Reputation management

The number of people who choose to work with you may be significantly influenced by what is said online about your property management company. A solid online presence depends partly on the careful monitoring of consumer reviews placed on numerous review websites. Post testimonials to capitalise on client appreciation. To earn positive reviews, you should also sign up with review websites and try to resolve any problems your clients may have had. If you have a good internet reputation, rental property owners may feel secure knowing you can be relied upon.

Local investor meetings

The development of relationships both offline and online may be advantageous for property management marketing. You may market your property management services and network with new clients by attending regional real estate investor gatherings.


Property managers may increase online visibility by starting a podcast geared toward investors and landlords. After listening to a podcast, clients of your property management company could feel more like family.

Get Interviewed

Gaining exposure as a property manager and proving your expertise by participating in an interview on a well-known radio, television, or real estate podcast.

Local realtors

Local real estate agents may be able to provide leads for property management. Realtors in the neighborhood will often be acquainted with most property owners. To reach out to local real estate brokers, you should include them in your property management advertising campaign. You might provide someone who recommends a discount or a free service to your new clients as an added perk.

Paid marketing

You might use sponsored advertisements to advertise your property management firm and attract additional landlords to work with. You may, for instance, run ads in regional real estate publications or on Google and Facebook.


Following evolving trends is the key to effective marketing for property management firms. Your property management company may succeed or fail, depending on how successfully you market your services. To reach more landlords, use these suggestions for marketing property management services. Whatever property management marketing strategy you choose, remember that success requires effort, time, and dedication.

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