Tips for Restaurant Instagram Marketing

It is an obvious fact that Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for restaurants. With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram provides a vast opportunity for businesses to reach new customers and grow their brands. If you own and run a business, you can create an immersive experience for your customers and engage with them directly.

But with so many businesses using Instagram, how to make sure your restaurant stands out from the crowd? This blog outlines tips you should consider following to make the best of Instagram marketing. 

Before taking you through the tips, we’ll shed some light on the concept of Instagram marketing and why it is important.

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing is where we use Instagram as a social media platform to communicate with and promote your target markets. It is a form of the social media marketing that entails a brand’s Instagram promotion. This social media platform can assist your restaurant business that serves the best breakfast in Essendon in establishing connections with a sizable audience, raising brand recognition, and boosting sales. Using photos, videos, and live sessions as a content medium, you can connect with your audience about your restaurant’s ongoing and new happenings.

What is the Importance of Instagram Marketing?

If you want to connect with your potential and existing customers regularly, no platform is better than Instagram. It is the second-most frequently used social network after Facebook, with users spending an average of 53 minutes on a daily basis. Ninety percent of users follow at least one business on Instagram, demonstrating how much people enjoy connecting with brands through this platform.

The chances for selling acceleration on Instagram should also be taken into account. In 2019, Facebook research found that 65% of those surveyed visited a brand’s website or app after discovering it on Instagram. So, you can consider Instagram a handy marketing tool for presenting everything about your restaurant to your customers directly.

Now that you know about Instagram marketing, let’s look at the tips.

6 Tips for Instagram Marketing

1. Create a Restaurant Hashtag

Maintain a hashtag in your bio that directs customers to use when posting Instagram pictures from your restaurant! Like, breakfast in Essendon can be an option. You can maintain track of user-generated material by doing this. The more the hashtags, the more your Instagram page will grow.

2. Feed Colour Palette

Try to stick to a consistent colour scheme for whatever you choose as your primary content focus. It might be the colour of your walls, the surface of your tables, or a variety of bright dishes. Instagram is mainly used for restaurant marketing, and a well-organized feed can influence whether users continue to scroll or choose to follow. You can often post the most famous part of your restaurant like it can be breakfast in Essendon, or a unique seating arrangement.

With uneven and random posts, your restaurant’s Instagram profile will appear haphazard and less organized. The key to successful Instagram marketing is to publish your entire feed in order. Instead of posting random posts, posting in an order to maintain a colour palette will help you stand out from the competition.

3. Story Highlights

Story highlights are another need for Instagram restaurant marketing! You want to give visitors to your profile as much information as possible so they can explore and get to know your restaurant before they leave. Users can navigate your Instagram profile much like a website using the story highlights, which are effectively a menu.

Consider what you want to say about your restaurant at the top of your profile to entice visitors to follow you. Whether it’s your menu divided into categories like lunch, dinner, or breakfast in Essendon, weekly specials, meet the crew profiles, or your favourite customer images!

4. Unique Instragammable Brand Symbol

Virality is the key to Instagram. If your restaurant has a feature like serving the best breakfast in Essendon that is both distinctive and very photographable, it may become the next big Instagram trend. It is a successful approach to restaurant marketing. People will visit your restaurant after seeing it on Instagram, which makes your customers brand ambassadors when they post pictures from your restaurant.

5. Partner with Influencers

We all need to eat, so it makes sense that the food business is so well-liked on Instagram. It is where thousands of influencers and bloggers share restaurant suggestions like the best breakfast in Essendon, recipes, and great content. Partnering with these users is a terrific approach for restaurants to leverage marketing to reach out to new potential consumers.

Depending on your budget and goals, there are many ways to work with influencers. While some micro-influencers may promote your restaurant in exchange for a free lunch, many food bloggers with significant followings charge each post or Instagram Story.

6. Competition and Giveaways

Running contests with your followers for lunch in Essendon or other options is an effective restaurant marketing strategy for Instagram. Making “tag a friend” criteria for entry broadens both your reach and engagement by encouraging your followers to like and comment to enter. By tagging people in your competition post who are probably locals, your followers assist you in building your brand’s visibility.


That wraps up our restaurant marketing tips for Instagram. So, now that you know how to process Instagram marketing, you can use the tips mentioned above and strategies for discussing your upcoming events, restaurant updates, and much more.

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