The exterior and interior of the Toyota Hilux 2022 have been transformed in a striking way. The front end features an integrated air intake dam and water tank shroud, with a large dark silver lower fascia to emphasize its rugged nature. The rear door is finished with a hexagonal trim that echoes the front end. The sides of the car are finished with 18-inch obsidian black aluminum rims and scratch-resistant wheel arches. Not only does the exterior look impressive, but the interior also has an enhanced sense of quality and technology. The interior trim is made of a matte metallic hairline material, which mirrors the blue mood lighting.

The Hilux has also been significantly improved in terms of handling and performance. By enlarging the turbines and strengthening the engine’s peripherals, horsepower has been increased by 27 hp to a maximum of 204hp/3,400rpm and torque by 5.1kgm to a maximum of 51.0kgm/1,600~2,800rpm, making it even more powerful. With a towing capacity of up to 3,500kg and excellent approach, Overhill and off-slope angles, the new Auto LSD and front-wheel rudder angle monitoring system allow the driver to monitor the angle of rotation of the front wheels and read the vehicle’s direction via the multi-functional information display, satisfying the off-road enthusiast’s desire to conquer all kinds of rugged terrain. In addition, the new Super Flex high-performance comfort suspension, with its retuned shock absorbers and improved leaf spring design, provides excellent road-holding even on normal roads.

In terms of safety equipment, the Hilux comes with 30 safety features as standard, including Toyota Safety Sense (PCS, ACC, LDA) and seven SRS airbags (upgraded front seats with dual-chamber side airbags to cover the upper body and reduce the risk of side impact). With the PVM system, the driver has a 360-degree view of the road in real-time, so that every adventure is safe and secure.

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