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invest in cPanel hosting – What exactly is cPanel? In a nutshell, it can allow you to manage your web hosting through a user-friendly, non-technical dashboard. It provides access to critical hosting features and configurations that would otherwise require technical knowledge.

Because many popular web hosts use cPanel, understanding what it is and how it works will help you get the most out of your web hosting.

In this blog, we’ll go over what cPanel is and then show you how to use your cPanel dashboard to perform some essential tasks.

What exactly is cPanel, and why do you require it?

cPanel, like WordPress, is a user interface that makes a complex system easier for developers and average users to manage. For shared hosting accounts, the primary control panel is typically cPanel. For example, all the best hosting companies, such as Navicosoft, use the cPanel interface. You can get the best Linux hosting with cPanel from here!

Only those with advanced technical knowledge could manage a server, or a website, without the assistance of cPanel. Overall, cPanel bridges the divide between complexity and usability.

Many people who are just getting started with hosting still find it intimidating. However, it’s one of the best ways to manage your site’s files without hiring a developer.

The cPanel interface and some other managed options have been the go-to control center for most shared hosting services. Managed WordPress hosts, on the other hand, typically design their online interfaces.

cPanel, also known as a “control panel,” is an interface for customizing and changing your hosting account. Simply put, cPanel is a Linux-based control panel that provides users with a dashboard from which they can manage various site elements.

Therefore, we can classify as one of the most popular control panels for making websites run more efficiently. Moreover, it is simple to learn and use.

Control Panels’ Importance in the Hosting Industry

The hosting industry is now huge, with fierce competition among service providers, control panel providers, cheap Linux web hosting, and cloud providers. Control panels are programs that serve as a user interface for the software running in the server command line backend.

They assist server owners in getting things done more efficiently and can reduce server administrators’ reliance on minor tasks such as service restarts when they fail. For a new entrepreneur, cPanel Hosting is a simple way to get started.

Control panels are essential nowadays because not every server owner can afford a team or hire a server administration company. Then, again, every hosting company may need to support every request a customer may make.

It is best to leave these aspects to the customer, empowering them through a small user-level interface and an Admin-level interface for Techs/Server Owners/Hosting Managers, among others. These control panels will allow users to access a good web interface.

Customers can access them from anywhere and make changes as needed, even if no additional software is installed on a remote machine.

cPanel Hosting is a very popular control panel that competes fiercely. Among these, we believe that the cPanel hosting control panel is the clear winner at the moment due to its large user base and extensive support features.

Invest in cPanel hosting assists customers, resellers, server owners, and businesses in integrating most billing panels. cPanel has a nearly identical set of features and applications. The following are the benefits of the cPanel Hosting Control Panel

invest in cPanel hosting

Main advantages of cPanel Hosting

  • Simple Installation steps -cPanel Hosting You can install a control panel in a few simple steps.
  • Post Install Procedure is also straightforward, and we have various selection options on different software that explicitly mention its advantages and disadvantages. But, again, this is not usually seen in other control panels.
  • More excellent compatibility with billing panels: Invest in cPanel hosting are compatible and can be integrated with most standard billing panels.
  • Vast Documentation Resources: Another advantage of cPanel hosting is the extensive documentation available online by various techs and authors that will assist them when needed.
  • cPanel Forum is also good because it is a place to interact with cPanel techs and other cPanel users, and they will share their thoughts on any issues you may be experiencing.
  • Another essential feature is the Site Software feature, which allows cPanel users to install and update software with a few simple clicks.
  • Another advantage is the availability of multiple backup options for the cPanel hosting control panel. Compressed/Uncompressed/Incremental options are available with daily/weekly/monthly retention periods. You can find more information here.
  • Compatibility with the PCI certification process: Another advantage of the cPanel hosting panel is its compatibility with the PCI certification process and built-in security options. Therefore, in just a few steps, you can make a cPanel server PCI compliant.

Among many valuable features of cPanel, the most prominent ones are:

  • Email: Within cPanel, you can create new email accounts, view/modify existing accounts, change email passwords, configure mailbox quotas, and more.
  • Domains: You can configure new domains for your account, set up parked domains, create subdomains, set up redirects, and much more in the Domains section of cPanel.
  • File Management: You can backup your cPanel account, access/modify files stored in your account, review your disc usage, and create/manage FTP accounts in the files section of cPanel.
  • Databases: From here, you can create new databases, configure remote MySQL access, use PHPMyAdmin to access the databases, and much more.
  • cPanel is both user-friendly and robust. Within cPanel, numerous tools for handling a wide range of tasks exist. In addition, it has a comprehensive help menu that is simple to use.

What is the purpose of cPanel?

Invest in cPanel hosting  transforms time-consuming and difficult server tasks into a user-friendly interface. Creating multiple subdomains, for example, necessitates editing your Apache configuration.

Without cPanel, you would have to put in a more significant effort because you have to manually log into your server and edit configuration files (with an account that has the privilege to do so).

Instead, with a few clicks, you can complete this process. Similarly, manually configuring and managing multiple email accounts on your server is a complex and time-consuming task. cPanel makes it simple to create new accounts or migrate accounts from another host.

How Do I Locate My cPanel?

Several gateways make it simple to log into your cPanel account. You can access your Hosting Account through your Account Management Panel (AMP). You can also use a specific URL to enter your username and password.

Optional Control Panel

cPanel is well-known throughout the hosting industry. As a result, you’re more likely to find help from your community if you need it.

In addition to community support, the official cPanel documentation and the Hosting Support Centre are available. We have a team of cPanel nerds experts at Navicosoft who can help you navigate the system or even complete more complex functions.


As you can see, invest in cPanel hosting cPanel provides some clear benefits to its users by being very responsive and well-structured, and user-friendly. These features successfully make it a comprehensive web host for all related and professional IT experts, allowing for innovative usage and higher intuitiveness.

Furthermore, cheap Linux hosting users need not be highly technical to use this web hosting server. Therefore, understanding its features will help provide a better user experience for website visitors and better manage the website.

Navicosoft provides prompt, first-rate support for various server management issues and requirements. Contact our server helpdesk support experts if you wish to get the best technical support on Server Management, web hosting, cPanel server management, and more.

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