The NDIS provides plans that are tailored to your needs and support you in leading a fruitful life. Every year, your plan gets reviewed. These Disability Plan Reviews are the best option for the NDIS participants to assess whether their NDIS support services are performing and enabling them to achieve their objectives or not.

It’s natural for your conditions to change over time, and your disability assistance will adapt accordingly. If you notice that your current NDIS support services aren’t working for you, an immediate plan review may be helpful to verify that your objectives and requirements are fulfilled.

There are three types of plan reviews:

  • Your prescheduled review or “check-in”, when your existing plan is about to expire.
  • An examination of the debatable decision.
  • Review of changed circumstances

Irrespective of the type of assessment, as a caregiver, you are aware of the implications of your loved one’s disability on their everyday lives, so ask your loved one if you can assist them and participate in their review or check-in process.

NDIS support services

These could include meetings with an NDIS registered provider or a contracted Community Partner to evaluate current services, objectives (both new and old), and  essentials to attain those objectives.

As an NDIS registered provider, Ability All care can guide you in obtaining the NDIS funds and assist you in planning for a review while ensuring that you are using that you are getting the most out of your funds.

In this blog, we have discussed how to prepare for an early NDIS plan review. If you still can’t find the answers to your queries, don’t worry; the team at Ability All Care is there to assist you.

What Do You Mean by a Disability Plan Review?

Your first plan will normally be in existence for 12 months after your first NDIS funding application, after which you will have a plan review to evaluate how activities are progressing and resolve any issues or problems you may have.

If you’ve made more or less progress toward your goals than you expected, now is the time to reevaluate it and  set new targets, if necessary. As a result, your NDIS funding or accessible NDIS support services may change.

However, it is quite common for your strategy to modify before your planned review. As a result of these changes., you may request an early plan review.

Three of the various reasons why you might need to request an early plan review are listed below:

  • An alteration in your circumstances, such as your living situation.
  • A change in your objectives as a result of your progress toward your existing plan objectives or a shift in priorities.
  • You’re dealing with a professional NDIS registered provider who thinks you might need some extra help.

Your plan evaluation can be conducted in person or over the phone, depending on your preferences. You may also invite a friend or family member. Having someone you trust completely as a source of advice can help you remember critical details. It may also be beneficial to have them act as your spokesperson and ensure that you receive what you require from your NDIS support services.

Things You Need to Carry in the Plan Meeting:

  • A copy of your NDIS plan.
  • A complete pre-planning NDIS manual.
  • Details on what assistance you’ve received in the past and what new or updated assistance you’ll need in the coming year to achieve your goals.
  • Any records from your therapist’s medical evaluation
  • If necessary, you can bring a decision-maker to the discussion.

Reports from Early Childhood Providers for Children Under the Age of Seven:

The NDIA requires providers that deal with NDIS participants under the age of seven to report on the care and NDIS support services they offer to you and your child.

Provider reports are published descriptions of you and your child’s growth toward your goals and the benefits you acquire from  the care and support. These reports are also useful during the evaluation of your child’s plan.

We urge you to talk to your child’s provider(s) about preparing a report for them to submit to the NDIS at least once a year. When you set up a service agreement with your provider(s), you might discuss adding some funds to your plan for a review.

What If You Require Minor Adjustments to the Plan?

If you want to keep the same services but make some minor modifications, the NDIS Registered Provider Geelong might be able to create a new plan for you that incorporates those changes if they are acceptable and required.

for instance:

  • If your current address has changed, but your in-home services have not.
  • You want to self-manage a portion of your NDIS funds so you can pick and choose your preferred provider. 
  • You believe that some of your assistive devices will have to be serviced in the coming year.

So, whether you’re looking for  guidance with your NDIS funding application or reaching for your plan review  to take charge of your support, ABILITY ALL CARE is there to help you at every step. Give us a call so that we can  assist you in preparing for your plan review.

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