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Technology has evolved over the years, and so have web design trends. To keep up with the advanced world of technology, many web designers are always looking for ways to improve upon current web design trends or even create new ones entirely! We’ve compiled a list of our top eight web design trends that you must know if you want your business to strive online.

When you are trying to get an engaging user experience for your website, it is essential to keep an eye on the latest web design trends and the best web design company in the Sunshine Coast. Web trends are constantly evolving, making the internet more effective and efficient, and providing new ways to improve your business’ online presence. Here are the eight web design trends that you should know about.

Web Design Trends To Make A Website Engaging

1. Micro-interactions

Micro interaction is a seamless series of interactions that people can complete without waiting for more than a few seconds. If there is a button on your homepage, the chances are that interaction is a part of micro-interactions. Micro-interactions are sometimes referred to as the small stuff or the details in web design in Blacktown. Every pixel matters in micro-interactions – from colour choices to animations, everything counts and needs consideration during design.

2. Negative Space

The experts of a web design company in the Sunshine Coast use a minimalistic approach to design. It allows them to focus on creating engaging content. In addition, it doesn’t get in the way of what they are trying to accomplish on your website. Negative space is much more than just white space on a page; it is that extra bit of information or images that aren’t necessarily key parts of your site but help streamline it and give users what they want with ease.

3. Minimalism & Less Text

The internet is complex, and users are more overwhelmed than ever. To make your design stand out in a crowd, aim to have no text on your page and the back of the best web design company in the Sunshine Coast. While it might seem risky to eliminate words from your website’s design, studies show that less copy leads to increased conversions and brand recognition. When there’s less stuff taking up screen space, people tend to focus more on what remains, including any logos or slogans you include as part of your company branding.

4. Hand-Drawn Logos

Who says logos have to be digital? Hand-drawn logotypes have started a trend, one that’s perfect for brands that are quirky and fun. They are also great if you want something personal. If your business is new or has no specific branding, draw out several concepts and find which one works best with your audience.

5. Interactive Features

Making a website interactive will keep your users engaged. You can get it done with the help of Web design Castle Hill. For example, adding a video to a landing page can increase conversions by 80%! This year, don’t just focus on making your site look beautiful; think about giving users something to do. Instead of including only one CTA (call-to-action) per page, why not add more and make it so that your visitors have to interact for them to proceed further into the website!

6. Special Effects in Typography

While it may seem counterintuitive, minimalism is not necessarily about having less-its about being deliberate. And when it comes to typography with the best web design company in the Sunshine Coast, sometimes less can translate into more; special effects like drop shadows and inset text can give your text more depth. Try adding a border around your headers or animating your headline with CSS3 animation: they are not showy, but they will make your content stand out in a crowd.

7. Dynamic Layouts

With the help of a web design company in the Sunshine Coast, you can keep your website’s layout fresh and appealing with responsive design. Using CSS3 media queries, you can build different versions of your site that are automatically tailored to different types of devices – whether a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Many websites are now implementing dynamic content, meaning they automatically change as a visitor interacts with them. For example, scrolling on some sites will result in additional content or images appearing on-screen.

8. Bold Background Colours

You don’t have to change your website’s background colour, but you can. A bold and colourful website is one of several design trends that focus on engagement and UX, helping viewers feel like they belong within your brand environment and encouraging them to take action.


It’s no secret that to engage and retain your audience; your website needs to be aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. The design of your brand’s website should draw your audience’s attention. You should look for web designers who know how to inculcate in-trend web design features to make this possible.

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