Silk is the most adorned and luxurious fabric across the globe. Being the queen of fibres for centuries, it is the epitome of luxury and comfort. Silk depicts royalty with its ultra-soft and luxurious hand feel. In recent times silk gifts such as silk pillowcases and silk sheets have become exceedingly popular. 

Gifting is a beautiful way to strengthen your bond with your loved ones and express that you care about their comfort. When you gift something to your loved ones, you string the pearls of love and happiness. Are you wondering why silk is the best? We are deep diving to know the beautiful fabric’s multiple benefits. 

Perks of Gifting Silk Accessories 

If you opt for silk accessories, such as silk pillowcases, silk sheets, silk pillowcases, or silk eye masks, here are the magical benefits that your loved ones would relish: 

  1. Skin-friendly

You may find that over the long run, bedding, a polyester mix, irritates your skin. After all, we spend a substantial time on our sheets and pillowcase, and if it has a non-breathable element, it can cause rashes or mild irritation to your skin while you rest on it. Silk pillowcases and sheets made from 100% natural silk fibre present a soft and luxe feel. For the best grade of softness, choose Mulberry silk. Pure silk is similar to the skin’s pH level; it does not absorb excess body moisture and therefore does not dehydrate skin like cotton (which is super absorbent) does. Sleeping on silk helps keep your skin’s natural glow. 

Silk sheets keep your skin hydrated from top to bottom whilst you enjoy the feeling of sleeping on them.

2. Hypoallergenic 

Being naturally hypoallergenic, dust mites dislike the silk fabric. A plus point of luxury silk bed sheets is that they repel the microbes and dust mites, leading causes of allergies. Silk also promotes a good night’s slumber with self-hygiene. 

3. Good for your Hair

Silk makes a beautiful gift for those who like looking after their hair – after all, it is one’s crowning glory. Cotton pillowcases and sheets absorb the natural moisture of your hair, making it frizzy, dry and often brittle. Sleeping on silk ensures there is hardly any friction avoiding bedhead. When you lay your head on the silk pillowcases, it keeps your hair naturally soft and silky. Boosting your skin and hair health, silk gives you heavenly comfort while you enjoy your beautiful sleeping hours. Many choose to travel with their silk pillowcases as it keeps their hair from getting dehydrated and, in turn, keeps the hair more manageable. For this reason many hairdressers and hair stylists recommend silk pillowcases. 

4. Airy Comfort 

Many satin blends, which are a mixture of cotton and polyester or polyester and silk, are uncomfortable. This is because polyester, a type of plastic, is not breathable. On the other hand, sleeping on pure silk is thermoregulating, which means it keeps you cool on a summer’s night and warms on a winter’s night. Adapting to the room temperature, relaxing on the silk beddings gives you cosy comfort right from the time you fall asleep. 

Summing Up 

Convinced that you need to try silk bedding that could be a silk pillowcase first or silk sheets? Or is it that you are ready to gift a unique gift? We have researched multiple brands and found the UK-based brand Mayfairsilk to be the best. The brand has won multiple industry awards, including the. ‘Global Excellence Awards 2021’, ‘Business Elite Awards 2022’, ‘Bedding Brand of the Year 2022’, ‘Prestige Awards 2022’, and ‘Beauty Awards 2022’. They use the finest Mulberry silk in 22 momme and 25 momme and ship to 32 countries worldwide from the UK. They are currently expanding into premium luxury retail stores in the Middle East (Dubai Mall, Place Vendome Qatar) and the USA. Their products come in a gift box ready to please. 

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