Anime pfp villains may be known for torture and mass murder, but one of the worst things they can do to their respective heroes is purposefully ruin their relationships. Whether it was romantic or familial, these bonds fell in the face of great evil.

More often than not, these relationships were destroyed out of petty spite, but there are some notably tragic variations as well. At times, the fate anime villain in question ruined their own chances at love and satisfied their selfish desires.

10 Scum’s Wish — Akane Toyed with Hanabi & Mugi’s Emotions

Even though they agreed to keep their relationship strictly sexual, Hanabi and Mugi couldn’t deny their developing feelings. By Scum’s Wish’s halfway point, they agreed to give romance a shot after they closed the book with their respective cases of unrequited love. Hanabi did as agreed, but Mugi was tempted to do otherwise.

Mugi had a crush on his teacher, Akane, and she slept with him despite knowing about his agreement with Hanabi. This one-night stand caused a permanent gulf between Hanabi and Mugi until the anime’s end. Even though they reconciled at the end of Scum’s Wish, they went their separate ways.

9 Cowboy Bebop — Vicious Threatened Julia & Spike’s Affair With Death

Back when they were still in the Red Dragon Syndicate, Julia and Spike found solace in each other’s company and started an affair. Just when Spike was ready to leave the criminal life with Julia, she didn’t show up on their agreed date and location. That being said, Julia didn’t leave Spike alone because she wanted to.

Vicious, another Syndicate member, got wind of their relationship and ordered Julia to kill Spike or face execution. Julia, instead, spared Spike by disappearing. The two reunited after spending years running away from the past, but this proved fatal as Julia was assassinated shortly after, and Spike fought Vicious to the death.

8 Inuyasha — Naraku Turned Kikyo & Inuyasha Against Each Other

Even though Inuyasha was a yokai and Kikyo was a human, their love defied their respective races’ prejudices against the other. After a slight misunderstanding, the two grew close and were ready to use the Jewel of Four Souls to turn Inuyasha into a full-fledged human. But then Naraku spoiled everything.

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Naraku wanted the jewel, so he tricked the lovers into fighting so he could steal it. Things ended horribly for the couple, as Kikyo placed Inuyasha under a decades-long sleeping curse when he tried to escape with the jewel. Shortly after, a heartbroken Kikyo died to the fatal injuries inflicted by Naraku who was disguised as Inuyasha.

7 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann — The Anti-Spiral Took Nia Away From Simon In Death

Simon and Nia’s love was pretty obvious, and they decided to get married right before the Anti-Spiral made its presence known. After the grueling battle for humanity’s right to self-determination, Simon and Nia finally tied the knot when Team Dai-Gurren made it back to Earth. There was a catch, though – Nia died at the altar.

In truth, Nia was created by the Anti-Spiral as its messenger. Nia’s free and true self won over the Anti-Spiral’s control but, upon her maker’s demise, she and everything it created faded away. It could be argued that Simon and Nia’s romance was doomed from the start, but it could’ve lasted if not for the Anti-Spiral’s arrival.

6 Code Geass — Zero (Accidentally) Turned Euphemia & Suzaku into His Enemies

The sentiment between Britannia’s third princess, Euphemia Ii Britannia, and her Japanese protector Suzaku Kururugi was a right thing out of a fantasy. After an off-kilter first gathering, the two developed close, admitted their sentiments, and even committed to take a stab settled among Japan and the Britannian Empire calmly.

However, right when Code Geass’ wretched hero Zero (or Lelouch vi Britannia) yielded to Euphemia, his Geass turned out badly and he coincidentally directed Euphemia to slaughter her Japanese allies. This didn’t simply end hers and Suzakus’ affection before it started, yet in addition destined Japan and Britannia to a more drawn out and more bloody conflict.

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