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Massage is the manipulation of tissues systematically with the hand to produce effects, which will help to restore and improve the body function & health. Massage oil is the blend of carrier oil and essential oil customized into various formulations. The main purpose of using a massage oil is to reduce friction without the use of massage oil massage may be very uncomfortable it also nourishes the skin.

In the last two decades study has shown that massage had a beneficial effect on weight gain, development & sleep pattern,

you can use these massage oils for the Face, Hair &Skin

Benefits Of Good Massage Oil

Perfect Massage oils are the oils, that contain the best combination of essential oils. There are only a few factors to choosing the right massage oil ingredients that are the key to unlocking the best massage oil that is befitting your skin.

There are lots of benefits of using massage oil.

Calm nerves

Improve circulation

Relive fatigue pain, Pain & Pain in the body

Improve skin color

Promotes sleep

Increase mental & energy alertness

Formula to get the maximum and full benefit from massage oil. Use it in organic form like without chemicals, cold-pressed can add lots of herbs aroma or essential oil for aromatherapy to make it more beneficial.

How to use massage oil –

  • Take a few drops of massage oil on your palm or dip your fingertips into a massage oil bowl, apply it on your whole body massage it well, and leave it for 10 o 15 minutes to absorb through the skin for the best result.
  • For massage on the whole body, you can use your palm, hand, finger & fingertips for giving pressure in the massage process.
  • Use Clockwise and anticlockwise massage moments on joints and head to relieve pains
  • Use little or gentle pressure in sensitive areas of the body.
  • Use access massage oil on joints palms and feet, because this area absorve more oils and spends more time massaging these areas.
  • After massaging the whole body leaves the body for a few minutes like 10 to 15 in this period let your body be relaxed. Then take a warm water bath.

Why Use massage oil-

On particularly rough days, nothing can be more refreshing than a good massage oil that refreshes our mind & helps us to get back into normal refreshing form. But everyone is different and their needs are different to fulfill their needs there are multiple massage oil options available in the market.

A lot of us think that the oil used in massage techniques is all are same or different. How to choose the right massage oil etc. Whether massage oil we needed was available in the market or not. In this article, you learn to know how to pick the right massage oil according to your need.

NH VITA is the place from where you can pick the right oil for your needs their oil contains top ingredients which are best for your Face, Hair & Skin.

Hempseed Oil- Hemp oil extracted from hemp seed has a very low level of THC stands for( tetrahydrocannabinol )main purpose of hemp seed massage oil is to hydrate and regulate skin oil production by unclogging the pores. It is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and cures many skin conditions

Almond oil-The oil is yellow in appearance & has a sweet smell. The oil is very mild & non-irritant, thus suitable for all skin types. It has anti-inflammatory properties & thus can be used to treat rashes, itching, eczema, etc.

Brahmi oil-Brahmi massage oil help in distress the body. Brahmi massage oil calms the body and mind and helps in overcoming anxiety. Massage with Brahmi oil help to improve your body, skin, and many nervous disorders.

Sesame oil-  Popularly known as Til oil, it has a thick and heavy texture so before blending it or mixing it with any other oil or herbs you have to warm it. It is rich in anti-aging properties and moisturizes the skin,it acts as a natural sunscreen and prevents the growth of germs

Jatamansi Oil-It is a good antioxidant jatamansi oil help in improving healthy nerve function and also lower mental stress and insomnia, the right blending of this oil with other oils can also cure memory loss problems. Jatamansi massage oil help in many skin-related problems like itching,cuts, wounds, bacterial infection, etc

These massage oils help in lots of ways to keep our body, mind, and skin healthy, calm, and shiny

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