Honda’s 7-passenger MPV Odyssey is no longer available on the official website of Honda Taiwan. The Odyssey’s minor facelift was launched in September last year, with significant changes to the exterior, particularly to the front water tank shroud, and multi-layered chrome trim to enhance the car’s appearance, as well as changes to the interior dashboard design, storage and storage areas to improve ease of use. We hope that the Honda Odyssey Price won’t be much more expensive than the previous one.

The highlight is the introduction of the first-ever gesture-controlled electric tailgate, which can be opened without touching it by sliding the palm of the hand through the air. Honda Sensing also includes a system that inhibits power when the accelerator is depressed when reversing in the presence of an obstacle behind.

In Taiwan, there is no information yet on the model number, but according to past plans, there will be two options, the Elite and the Apex, and the gesture-controlled electric sliding door will only appear on the top model, but this has not yet been confirmed.

What is certain is that Taiwan still only has a single powerplant with a 2.4-liter natural-intake engine paired with a CVT transmission, and the Odyssey’s average fuel consumption for seven and eight people was 12.1 km/liter and 12.8 km/liter respectively last October’s imported small bus consumption certificate. The Japanese 2.0-liter hybrid e: HEV system is still not available in Taiwan. 2,762 Odysseys will be sold in Taiwan in 2020, a 5.5% increase in 2019.

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