What Is Man-o-Salwa In Quran?

A question asked by many people in the world, Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala states in the Holy Quran (18:65): Remember when the Israelites said to their Prophet Musa A.S., ‘May we follow you, so that you can appoint rulers over us and we will do as you say.’ They were stingy with their wealth, and they were stingy with what Allah had given them. This was mentioned in Surah al-Qasas, Verse 65, where Allah informs us of how Bani Israel originally behaved before they became Muslims.

Mann-o-Salwa was sent to the Bani Israel by Allah in the form of food and drink. This name indicates that this gift was special, different from anything ordinary mortals were used to eating in those days, so much so that they considered it close to immortality! If you want to learn more, than contact Online Quran Academy, they will help you to understand about Islam with complete details.

How the food Man-o-Salwa look and taste like?

According to a Hadith in Sahih Bukhari, when Allah sent Manna and Salwa, they had different colors: The color of its honey was yellow like saffron. There are some reports from Sahih Bukhari that it appeared similar to coriander seed, but others report that it looked like white dew drops.

It is also reported that when they (the Israelites) melted it in their hands or cooked with it, there came out of it a sauce or oil which had a good scent. When they used to eat it, their bodies would be filled up completely so that no space was left inside them for more food. They would then fall asleep for a while and wake up after feeling fresh, as if they had eaten something delicious. 

When Moses asked for water for his people, he was told by Allah to strike any rock with his staff and say Bismillah, and water will gush forth from a rock. When Moses did what he was told, he struck a rock of saying Bismillah on striking, and the water gushed forth as much as his people needed.

The Manna lasted for forty years, during which time they never lacked anything. After forty years, Allah commanded Moses to ask his people why they wanted him back when he was going to meet His Lord. They replied that they were afraid lest a king should rule over them who might take away their rights from them. 

Where Man o Salwa Came From?

Man o Salwa was sent to Prophet Musa A.S in an amazing way. Allah revealed to his beloved Prophet that there are two sorts of food which are Manna and Salwa, that would be gifted to Bani Israel (the people of Hazrat Musa A.S).

Both are very unique in their taste and high quality, but what about Salwa differs from Manna? What are Manna and Salwa in Quran? Where does it come from originally, what does it look like, and what about the health benefits of Salawa fruit? Let’s find out what is Manna and Salwa in Quran together! 

Mann was a kind of sweet, and it was like the dew drops that appeared on rocks, trees, and plants, later on, it used to turn into sweet honey like substances which they used to pick up and savor themselves. Mann used to descend on them as snow descends, and it used to be sweeter than honey and whiter than snow.

Salwa was a type of bird, basically a Quail. The people used to capture it upon which it would turn into roasted meat. It was a blessing like none other and showered upon none other but this nation, on the request and prayers of The Prophet Moses.

Different Versions Of This Story In Other Books

Different books of hadith contain different versions of Mann-o-Salwa. They differ in number and quantity, for example, in one book, we see that only 10 persons were fed, not 12. This is a great lesson for any religious man who wishes to read them.

The miracle did not stop just there, and it was a gateway for many other blessings from Allah Almighty so that people would be convinced that it was a miracle sent upon them by Allah Almighty Himself.


According to religious sources, Manna and Salwa are both gifts given by Allah (the God ) to his beloved. Both names are used for all food that has been provided by Allah.

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