Amongst the many examinations courses that students want to crack these days is the NDA examination. Clearing the nda exam after 12th gives you the chance to be a part of the Air Force, Indian Army and Navy. The Test is conducted by UPSC and is a two-step process consisting of a written test followed by an interview.

Scoring high in examination is a dream for several students who have been preparing for the exam for a very long time and here are some of the tips that can help you in achieving the highest results. Checkout the following tips-

  1. One of the ground rules for achieving any target effectively is setting a goal and the NDA examination is no different. A clear goal in the mind would help in creating an effective pathway and thereby achieving greater results.
  2. Referring to the previous year question paper is one of the best ways to know your current standing. Not only would solving these question papers give you an idea of the pattern of the exam but also help you in evaluating yourself.
  3. Syllabus of the examination is also one of the most important things that one should not miss out. A complete understanding of the syllabus and practice in all the subjects would make one more confident while attempting the exam.
  4. Basics of all concepts is one such thing that students forget and mostly focus on what they have been studying in grade XI and XII, what is important here is the practice of your basic concepts that one can easily find the text books of classes VI and above.
  5. Being grammatically correct is an important aspect that a lot students forget. Reading newspaper on daily basis would not only open up your mind for better and new words but also help you in being grammatically correct in the examination and also the interview.
  6. It is extremely important to pin point the subjects that are not a strong point for an individual. Timely recognition and working on these subjects would definitely provide better and effective results.
  7. It’s never too early to start working towards your goal and so one should not waste any time and start right after the completion of the board exams so that it gives you an edge over the other aspirants.

The examination consists of two basic areas that the aspirants need to clearly work on, namely, mathematics and general ability. The examination is of 2 hours 30 minutes and gives the opportunity to score a maximum of 300 points in mathematics and 600 points in general ability. A wrong answer leads to negative marking which is an important aspect that aspirants should keep in mind. To make the examination a fair platform for all students trying from various regions of the country, it is kept bilingual.

Once an individual has effectively understood the nda courses after 12th and worked hard for not only the written examination but also the interview and medical that follows, there would not be any stopping.

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