Benefits of Boot Camp for Women

In the world of fitness, there is a new trend that is sweeping the nation as people look for an alternative to a traditional gym. This ever-growing alternative is leaning towards women-only fitness boot camps and they are revolutionizing the fitness industry as we know it.

This is a trend that is reaching new heights as boot camps are popping up everywhere. They are lucrative for the trainers/instructors just as much as they are beneficial to the clients taking them. While a bit more expensive than a traditional gym experience, the client pays for the more personal experience as well as the workout itself.

When one thinks of the term boot camp:

One immediately thinks of an army drill sergeant. This is accurate in a sense that a certified fitness instructor leads and motivates you to do your best and push yourself to your personal limits in a short, schedule form-able workout. These sessions are considered high intense training with very minimal rest for a solid forty-five minutes. While it is a mixture of cardiovascular and weight training, each client can go at their own pace in an attempt to keep their heart rate “up” throughout the entire session.

Each workout is carefully planned by the instructor to help not only maximize results but to aid in the routine not becoming monotonous. For example, one workout may focus on upper body and the next day’s session may focus on lower body. Both, however, remain consistent with the main goal, keeping the heart rate up for maximum efficiency or “challenging, yet never boring.” A well designed boot camp helps to provide different levels of exercise such as beginner, intermediate, or advanced. This uses methods or drives to advance to the next level while also not pushing yourself beyond one’s own physical limits. This blends of aerobic and muscle toning workouts helps to augment the fat burning experience.,55290959.html,55290965.html

While most gym experiences restrict:

To the classic weight room environment, these fitness boot camps offer a disparity the gym cannot. While some boot camp sessions may find you inside a warehouse with workout mats, others are on the outskirts of town, at the ball park, or the beach. The key is that they offer women an ideal setting to workout in privacy. Most women do not feel comfortable in the traditional gym experience as they feel self-conscious as men “stare” at them. This helps aid with the atmosphere of the women-only boot camp which is less competitive and more supportive.

A lot of women find themselves very self-conscious about their body, which is the driving force for wanting to “get back in shape” in the first place. The fear of being “ridiculed” in the traditional gym environment is something that is nearly dissolved in the friendly and more encouraging atmosphere of the women-only boot camp. Boot camps also help to provide an opportunity to socialize and make friends as the setting gives the opportunity to grow and bond with other women in the similar fitness situation as you, helping to implement an intimate support group, a well-known foundation for any fitness goal.

Their positive re-enforcement help keep you motivated to work out more than if you were working out on your own.

This new trend of women-only boot camps is growing headway and I feel like will only increase in popularity as more and more women discover the all around effectiveness of physical and mental health benefits versus the traditional gym experience.

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