Advantages of Serviced and Executive Apartments

When it comes to accommodation, hotels are still the preferred choice for those who can afford it. For those who are looking to save a few bucks, serviced apartments for rent in Tucson are becoming more and more popular. Simply put, hotels are for the luxurious while furnished apartments are for the practical. If a traveler cannot afford to stay in a hotel for long, these apartments are the next best thing.

What are serviced apartments? These are apartments are completely furnished units available for rent for any duration. The cost difference isn’t much at first glance. But if you look at long-term durations, the small savings snowball. Because of this, furnished apartments are ideal for travelers who wish to stay for at least a week. Since staying in a hotel for about a month will help you go bankrupt, apartments are there as a cheaper alternative.

Besides the rent rates, apartments provide almost the same levels of comfort as hotels do. One difference between an apartment and a hotel is that you get a full unit with the former as opposed to just a room with the latter. With a bigger space, apartments often come with various amenities, such as Wi-Fi, which is sometimes not free in some hotels. Most furnished apartments have their own kitchens, further contributing to your travel savings by allowing you to cook your own meals as opposed to buying expensive hotel food.

A furnished apartment is essentially your home away from home. Those that some people call executive apartments offer the same level of furnishings, although they have that unmistakable business-like feel. It’s as if it’s made for traveling businessmen or corporate executives who flew in for the sole purpose of closing a business deal.

One common misconception is that executive apartments are different from the usually serviced apartments. Executive apartments, corporate housing, and whatever else people call it these days, these are still serviced apartments. Since some of these housings tend to be located in suburban areas, some would think that executive accommodations are those found closer to the city.

You can find various types of furnished apartments within city limits. These are simply preferred by traveling executives due to the convenience of not having to commute too far to conduct their business. That and due to the fact that their travel accommodations are often paid for by their company. This allows them to shrug away the higher cost of apartments that come with being located closer to the city.

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