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Interior design is gaining prominence among students across the globe. The scope of interior design expands to multiple sectors beyond architecture and civil engineering. Both 2D and 3D designs are in high demand from students and many more. It is grappling the eyeballs of so many people that almost all tutoring services started incorporating interior design as their primary services. Here are the top 6 online courses to study interior design.

The interior design institute

This institute is registered under the BBB, the sole learning provider register. The International Accreditation and Recognition Council also accredit it. Students regard this course as one of the finest in the field of interior designing. It consists of 12 modules. The classes run for 4 to 6 hours a week and take 24 weeks to complete. You can also complete it within a year if you have the appetite to learn more.

However, you can take the diploma in the interior designing course by The course is relatively new and affordable. Just visit the official website to check the minimum requirement of the course.

Udemy Online interior design course

Udemy offers interior designing courses from beginner level to pro levels. For example, a course called ‘Interior Design 101’ by Udemy offered by Michael Neetu. It consists of 84 lectures that continue for 17.5 hours. You can get considerable discounts too if you do more than one course.

In all fairness, the greatest competitor of Udemy in this field is The website provides all the episodes online and has some of the best professionals in the market. So if you want to check out the course details, search with ‘’s online courseson the internet and get ready for your course.

Inchbald School of Design

This college offers a full 3-year diploma course in interior designing. In addition, Inchbald also offers the students a short three-month course. This course is named “design your living space’. It exclusively focuses on the interior decoration of spaces. The fee is $1710, including the VAT tax.

Nevertheless, if you want a functional, practical, and aesthetically pleasing course, then your best option is the online courses offered by You can check out the differences if you search with ‘MyAssignmenthelp reviewson the internet.

New York School of Interior Design (NYSID)

The NYSID started back in 1916 as a non-profit organization that still offers some of the best courses on interior design. They have both non-degree and degree programs. The course banks on more traditional approaches to interior design and provides the best courses on interior design at this moment. is a new kid on the block in this comparison. Thus, if there is any alternative to NYSID, it must be

Diploma in professional interior design by is another tutoring platform that provides exceptional tutorials in interior design. It falls under unit 2 of the courses and offers short-term and full diplomas to students. The best part of the course is its division on introduction, interior design styles, and so on. In addition, you will learn further classification of each category in the country, contemporary, historic, and many more.

So, compare yourself among the above to get the best course. For more writing click here

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