Without a doubt, demolishing the old house and building a new one was one of the best decisions people ever made, but if people could do it all over again, there are a few things people would do differently. People didn’t have the expert guidance of a builder to assist or tell what to do before embarking on a knock-down builders Central Coast, NSW as owner builders like Vision Homes. As a result, let’s just say it was a steep learning curve (project organizing the build and getting trades to show up was a headache) and people grossly overspent the budget!

Choose a builder you can rely on

Unless you choose to be an owner-builder, you will be required to sign a contract with a builder who will be responsible for the construction of your home under their license. In order to complete the construction, your bank will release sections of your loan to your builder in phases.

So, unlike other trades with whom you may have problems and can change them, your connection with your builder is binding and must be maintained in good standing or things will become messy.

People have all heard horror stories of contractors who took three times as long as they said they would finish the job, or worse, never finished it at all, and who cut corners or tried to amend contract terms along the way. Unfortunately, this appears to be par for the course in the construction industry, which is why qualifications and reputation are so critical.

Do your homework before signing any contracts, and then do it again!

You could inquire about the following:

  • their license number: to check with your state’s online license checker, such as the one for NSW, which may be accessed here. If there are any red flags, such as public warnings, it will alert you.
  • the size of their team and the number of projects they are currently working on: to determine whether they are resourced to take on your project and give it the attention it needs, or if delays are possible.
  • If a problem arises, they have a procedure for resolving it.

Examine the builder’s prior work

Another technique to be sure you’ve chosen the proper builder is to look at their previous work and, if possible, walk through it.

Many builders provide display homes, such as Elderton Homes, which have display homes throughout Sydney, the Illawarra, and the Central Coast districts, where you can see their work firsthand.

Is the ‘feel’ of your house to your liking? Are the finishes up to your expectations?

I can’t tell you how many show homes I’ve visited and have been disappointed by the quality of the work!

Visiting showcase homes can also assist you in deciding on the colors and finishes you wish to employ in your home.


Finally, open and cordial communication is an important aspect in ensuring that a knockdown rebuild runs quickly and efficiently.

Building your dream home takes time, and there will be a lot of back-and-forth discussion. The entire process can be a lot more effective and fun if both parties stay open, responsive, and friendly.

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