Smart entrepreneurs of today’s era want smart business solutions. In this blog, we will discuss the subject of the white-label multi-delivery app solution. 2022 is a popular year of the entire decade because of two things. One, the economy is recovering from the dip caused by the global outbreak of Coronavirus. Two, the world-renowned white-labeling firm has launched Gojek Clone – KINGX 2022 app. 

KINGX 2022 app has a ready-to-use or ready-to-launch framework. The key benefits that entrepreneurs have experienced with this product are: 

Quick turnaround time. 
Multiple services under one roof.
Advanced features for a smooth user experience. 

In this blog, we will explore and explain the many facets of the on-demand multi-service app. In the end, we will also determine if they are business-friendly or just a fancy concept. 

Exploring Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 App 
Let’s understand the many facets of this top-notch super app one by one. 

82+ on-demand services in one app 
When you login into the app the first thing you’d come across on the home screen is the stunning assortment of 82+ on-demand services. This assortment includes services like: 

Online taxi booking app from smartphone and iWatch app 
Service bidding with local handymen
Online video consultation service
On-demand store deliveries
On-demand professional service
Parcel delivery
Delivery genie and delivery runner

These 7 service components define the kinds of services offered on the app. If you want to try how they work in the real environment, ask the white-labeling firm to provide you with the demo apps. 

Since we are considering the white-labeling of the app, entrepreneurs can easily integrate their preferred services according to their target market needs. 

Integrate preferred languages, currencies, and even payment gateway

Gojek clone app KINGX 2022 follows the ready-made framework. It means that the entrepreneurs can easily integrate the languages, currencies, and even the payment gateways they want to. This choice allows the entrepreneurs to expand their business on their own terms. 

In brief, if a USA-based entrepreneur wants to launch their apps in Nigeria, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Brazil, they can do it hassle-free. The developers can easily integrate the native languages, currencies they follow, and even the local payment gateways that the customers trust. 

Futuristic and lucrative features 

Another reason why entrepreneurs must consider investing in this app is its pre-integrated advanced features. You don’t have to customize the features for your app because all of them are already present in your app. For example, these are the market-trending and highly-demanded features that customers want to see in every multi-service app: 

Live order tracking 
Panic button 
Multiple credit card management 
In-app calling 
OTP verification to begin the task 
Corona-related safety features 

Profit-making business models

When developing an on-demand multi-service platform, one has to think about how they will make money. Therefore, when entrepreneurs decide to purchase the app, they are asked about the business model they want to follow. Basically, there are two business models of the Gojek clone: 

Commission on every service 
The entrepreneur gets to earn a commission on every service that’s rendered through the app. Here, the service provider pays a certain percentage of the amount they receive per service as commission to the app owner. 

This steady income generation method is the most popular of the two business models! 

Membership subscription plans  

The white-label multi-delivery app solution lets the providers eliminate the need of paying a commission on every service. Hence, the providers pay a lump-sum amount at the beginning of registration and afterward keep renewing it. The providers can decide which plan to buy depending on:

Their budget 
Features of the plan 
Time validity 
Business requirements 

Purchase the Gojek clone script for KINGX 2022 app from the best white-labeling firm in the world. Get it completely white-labeled according to your business needs and rule the on-demand industry in your region. 

Start the app development process right now and become a real entrepreneur in just 1 – 2 weeks.

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