Weddings are one of the most memorable and happiest moments in one’s life. But marriage is not just a celebration of happiness, it has a lot of tasks to do. And selecting a wedding invitation card design is one of the creative and attractive tasks. Also it’s very scary .Selecting which style to choose, which colour is perfect it’s not the easiest task.

Because first impressions are always important. And when you send the wedding invitation card to the guests, they will first notice the design of the card. Not just the front design of the card, but the background design of the card is equally important. So choosing the perfect wedding invitation background will enhance the look of the invitation. 

Here are top 13 most beautiful, trendy and colourful Invitation card background design collections- 

  • Classic Red Background 
  • Red and yellow background theme
  • Golden background theme
  • Lotus theme
  • Elephant motifs theme
  • Floral background  theme
  • Flower and leaves background 
  • Love theme
  • Couple background theme
  • Pink theme background 
  • White and pink theme background 
  • Vintage style background  theme
  • Black and golden background 

1- Classic Red background 

Red always looks glamorous and also it’s the symbol of love.  For the wedding, red is the 1st choice.  So choose the background of your wedding invitation card  in this colour then it is a lovely choice.

2- Red and yellow  background theme

The yellow colour  is common in most Indian weddings and the touch of red makes the wedding day perfect one.  So choose  the card background of this colour combination ,it’ll be not just a bad choice. guests will not forget this one.

3-Golden background theme

Golden colour is a more luxurious colour. The background in dark gold is enough to get a  high mark on popularity.

4-Lotus theme

The lotus theme is enough to make your card unique. This not only looks great  but also makes it attractive  one.

5- Elephant Motifs theme

The one side of the card is the elephant motifs that give a stylish and adorable wedding invitation background.  you can choose the colour of the card as pink then it definitely looks attractive.

6-Floral background theme

Flowers always give a fresh vibe. So give your card a floral touch definitely makes the card perfect.

7-Flower and leaves background 

Flowers with leaves in the background of cards enhance the beauty.

8- Love  theme

Wedding and love both are like a perfect match. If you give your card a special love touch then this card  background surely grabs your guests attention.

9-Couple background theme

select the background a couple looks at then it’ll make your card the most romantic one.

10-Pink theme background

Pink is a very cute colour. If the  background of the card will be a pink theme then surely your guests love this .This colour makes your card a unique one.

11-White and pink theme background

White and pink colour are considered as an attractive combination. If you choose this combination for your wedding card background then surely it’ll be very eye-catchy.

12-Vintage style background theme

If you want some traditional and simple design for your wedding card then vintage style is perfect for you. It’s not only simple but also gives you a traditional vibe.

13-Black and golden background

Sometimes people don’t prefer to choose the colour of black for your wedding . But if the black colour pairs with the luxurious golden colour then it will give a great background for your wedding card.

Above these are top 13 royal wedding card background ideas. Pick your favourite one and distribute it to your friends, relatives and neighbors. Surely everyone likes  this royal wedding card background and talks about your choice. I hope through my article you will get your idea about the royal wedding card background.

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