liquid flow control valve

Have you searched the market for a product that allows you to measure and regulate flows? Different types of liquid-based samples can be controlled and measured using liquid flow control valve. Typical applications for liquid flow controllers are those in which a constant flow rate is required and one which can compensate for changing pressures. Due to this functionality, a liquid flow control valve may cost more than a liquid flow meter which will typically only measure flow rates. However, the benefits could prove to be incredibly valuable to your application.

How Does a Flow Controller Work?

Liquid flow controllers use an integrated flow sensor and control valve to regulate flow regardless of fluctuations in inlet pressure.

Operators can set a setpoint for the IRIDIUM Series Liquid Flow Control System remotely or on the device itself through a touch screen monitor. Based on the desired flow rate, the integrated valve will be adjusted by the liquid flow control valve.

With the integrated touchscreen, users can view flow rates, totalized flow, alarm status, and more. This feature allows users to operate the flow controller from various positions and


Critical Benefits of Liquid Flow Controllers:

A liquid flow controller offers the advantage of automatically compensating for changes in pressure settings based on a command signal (or set point) provided by the operator. This results in stable and controlled flow conditions.

Another advantage of liquid flow control valve is their high accuracy and repeatability. A microturbine wheel suspended on a sapphire shaft provides repeatable flow measurement in the IRIDIUM Series Liquid Flow Control System. The speed of rotation is detected by an infrared ray. Because of the zero friction design, there is no particle generation.

In Order to Use Your Liquid Flow:

Sampler in your application, you will need a liquid flow controller that can handle different fluids. A PTFE-only, Sapphire, or Viton (Kalrez optional) the wetted material is available in the IRIDIUM Series Liquid Flow Control System.

A good proportional flow control valve water will be reliable, dependable, and field repairable. Liquid Flow Controllers of the IRIDIUM Series are designed modularly, allowing operators to swap modules or change accessory types in the field without having to return to the factory. It is possible to use a proportional control water flow valve for multiple settings and ranges.

Liquid Flow Controller Applications:

Liquid flow controllers will typically be used for applications that require micro to low flow measurement and control and where there is a constant flow rate. The solenoid valve with flow control devices are also mainly used in the semiconductor industry.

The McMillan IRIDIUM series liquid the flow control system can be used for a variety of applications, such as:

  • Chemical dilution and mixing on demand
  • Sample flow regulation
  • Control and regulation of the use of consumables

The digital flow control valve can be a great product to control and measure flow rates for those who need one. They come with several benefits, including automatic compensation

for pressure changes, the ability to operate via touch screen or remotely, and

versatile use in various applications.

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