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Cakes are always special; a celebration is not a celebration until there is a cake. Celebration is incomplete without a well-designed and delicious flavored cake. But it is difficult to decide what to order for the event, whether you need a simple or regular cake or the occasion demands a customized cake. Every occasion demands different and unique cakes, such as cakes with the sleek finishes of fondant, cakes with flowers, or heart-shaped cakes. Sometimes you don’t need a fondant cake but a simple pineapple or a sponge cake. 

Whenever special occasions come, the decision becomes more difficult than what type of cake suits your event. These cakes are in trend now; everyone wants a customized cake Singapore for their event. So it’s up to the celebrant whether they want a customized or regular cake. 

As the customized cakes started trending in the market, it took over the regular cake because these cakes are trendy and beautiful, and customers can order in any shape and design. Regular cakes are also important; you can shop for them easily as you don’t need to order them a few days before. But they are simple and not that much appealing. 

The Star Celebrities of the Cake World

Custom cakes is always the best for every event. You can also order a simple cake, but these cakes are not very attractive for the guests. Different factors can differentiate customized cake from the simple cake. Such as:


Presentation is the first thing that people see on a cake. Suppose cakes are attractive and appealing; everyone notices and wants to taste them. When you are hosting a party, you need a cake that appeals to guests. When the guests and celebrants find cake attractive, they feel happy. As compared to customized cakes, regular cakes are not that attractive. It is not the case that these cakes are not preferable, but in comparison, customized cakes Singapore are always better than regular cakes. 

Shape of cake

The design of the cake matters the most. Customized cake allow you to select a cake design of your own choice. There are a lot of options that you can choose from a list. Such as, you can order a cake of heart shape, butterfly, flower, etc. you also have the option to order a 3-tire cake or 7-tire cake. Infect custom cake Singapore give you various options from which you can choose according to your convenience. But a regular cake comes in a circle or square shape; you cannot make a shape of your own choice. So if you don’t want a boring cake, then customized cakes are best. 

Theme cake 

Customized cakes give you another exciting feature: using different themes on a cake. Such as, if it’s a girl’s birthday party, you can use a theme of a doll house, make-up kit, floral theme, frozen theme, or unicorn theme. If it’s a boy’s birthday, you can order a theme cake of games, cars, football, superheroes, etc., or a wedding cake for anniversaries. Similarly, you can order a theme cake for gender reveling, bachelorette party, etc. Still, simple and regular cakes don’t use a theme, so it’s better to go for custom cakes according to the events. 

Decoration material

Every cake is different from one another, so they use a different material for decoration or making. Custom cake Singapore use the fondant or buttercream for the frosting to give the cake a shape of your choice, but a simple cake does not need any fancy frosting, so the best option is always a custom cake. 

Easy delivery

When the delivery time arrives, everyone feels anxious because they want the safe delivery of a cake. Whether you order it online or are going to pick it up from the shop, it is always a difficult time. But when the cake is custom, you don’t need to worry about the delivery as these cakes use fondant, so there is no way they can melt down on the way. But simple or regular cake uses cream, so it’s difficult to deliver.  

The latest trend for any celebration

Every celebration is unique and thus demands a unique cake, so there is no way better than ordering a customized cake Singapore. These cakes are more personal and unique in every way. Their design, shape, flavor, affordability, etc., always differ from regular cakes. You can use the flavor you want and a shape you like. When you order an online cakes delivery Singapore for your loved ones, it’s a way to tell them that they are special to you.  So it’s time to order a special, creative, and appealing cake for your loved ones and tell them what they meant to you.

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