The secondary ticketing market or ticket scalping is worth 15 billion dollars in 2020, according to Technavio’s study on the global secondary ticket market.

The ticket scalping revenue mostly came from sporting events, followed by concerts and theatre releases.

With the high profit from scalpers or resellers, real event organizers lose millions worth of revenue. Event goers are then forced to spend more money to get ahold of the limited tickets.

Because some scalpers can easily pass through the online ticketing systems, organizers are now strengthening their campaign to discourage people from buying them using modern technology like NFTs and QR codes.

Through this unique combination, they are able to create a ticket scalping detector using a QR code generator software and an NFT Ticketing provider of their choice.

Aside from authentication purposes, here are other best use cases of QR codes in concert tickets today.

Ways to use QR codes on concert tickets

1. Attach digital memorabilia for the event

Along with using NFTs as part of their ticketing system today, concert organizers can use QR codes to store digital memorabilia of the event.

It can either be the singer’s digital photo card with its signature in it, or an exclusive photo you take at the designated photo booth before and after the event.

2. Promote new ways for concert goers to purchase original tickets

QR codes create a new experience for concert goers to purchase tickets. This eliminates the need to type in the website. They can just scan and directly reach the site to purchase a ticket.

With NFTs integrated in most tickets today, concert goers are assured that the ticket they bought are not priced ten times higher the original price, and that the proceeds go to the artist and their chosen charities.

3. QR codes for digital copies of the concert’s terms and conditions

Concert organizers can use QR codes to store a digital copy of the concert’s terms and conditions into a PDF QR code and place them in the concert’s promotional posters.

This allows them to save space in promotional materials and encourage the concert goers to read and agree to the event’s rules.

4. Promote tickets on social media pages

With most people using social media to stay updated, concert organizers can promote the event on these channels and increase their ticket sales.

Include a QR code in your image post and start a campaign to encourage people to visit your website and get first dibs on the limited tickets.

5. Create a background for video promotions

Most artists promote their concert tours with various TV shows and online guesting via video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Skype.

And as a way to maximize their air time, they can use a QR code generator with logo software online to design the QR code to be included in their background. This way, it matches the theme of the concert that they’re promoting.

It’s a neat way of sharing more information without really saying much.

With ticket scalping being a huge money trap, organizers easily lose millions in revenue. It’s difficult to regulate since resellers can easily enter their ticketing system and pose as a legitimate buyer.

Because of that, event organizers are now using the NFT ticketing system to combat these ticket scalpers. QR codes then redirect the customer to the ticket they purchased. NFTs allow the organizers to regulate the price of the ticket no matter how many times the ticket is sold to another buyer.

Planning to host an event or concert? Create a secure ticketing system using NFTs and QR codes today.

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