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To define a catamaran, we can simply say that it is a sailboat that has 2 hulls. These hulls are joint together through a bridge deck. The sailing catamarans are just like Hobie cats, which are small sized catamarans famous for sailing on calmer waters and lakes. The difference between the two is that sailing catamarans have large hulls which are structured to fit various cabins inside it, and huge framework on its bridge deck. For example, a salon, or a living space. If you wish to go on a adventure sailing catamaran La Paz, consider reaching out to us at Baja Cat.

Sailing on Catamarans with Baja Cat

Catamaran sailing with Baja Cat is the best option when it comes to spending holidays with friends or family. The reason we can vouch for that is because we provide to our customers with all the luxury they deserve. When you get on a tour with us, we assure to give you all the basic facilities like food, comfort, and safety. Talking about the luxurious lifestyle, you will be provided with private bathrooms, living area, outdoor and indoor couches, lay-out areas, and queen cabins as well. 

The meals we serve are prepared by a skilled team of chefs. The quality of the food is top-notch, is made on the board, and gets served throughout the cruise. For all the bar-lovers, we have an open bar which serves all kinds of soft drinks, beer, and snacks. 

From the learning perspective, on the catamaran, there is a marine biologist and a snorkel assistant. It is the job of the marine biologist to be the host or hostess for the people, and the snorkel assistant guides the interested snorkelers throughout the activity. 

Guests are also provided with soaps, laundered towels, shampoos, and freshwater showers. Additionally, a dive boat is also present there to help you get closer to the aquatic creatures, or to the cove you wished to explore. This is our aim, to help our guests fulfil their tropical dreams. 

If all these details got you interested, just imagine the kind of fun you would actually have on the catamaran. If anytime you plan a visit to Mexico for a luxury vacation Sailing Catamaran La Paz, contact us.

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