Heart Attack

The increasing cases of demise due to heart attack has raised a concern about the severity of the heart health among the youths. A sedentary lifestyle, environmental factors, and poor eating habits contribute to exacerbating your heart health.

According to a report published in Livemint, India will have the notorious distinction of recording the highest number of cardiac deaths by 2030 globally, alarmed renowned cardiologist Dr CN Manjunath. 

With the surging cases, the world has become more attentive to their heart health. A heart attack or myocardial dysfunction signifies the blockage or coagulation of the blood within the arteries, blocking the blood flow to the heart.

Fatty deposits and an increase in cholesterol level blocks the blood flow to your heart. Narrowing down the coronary arteries, it may lead to heart attacks that require immediate care with proper lab tests done. 

Which Age Groups are at Higher Risk of Heart Attack? 

The reports and studies show that people surviving in the age of 20-30 years are experiencing more heart attacks. Heart attacks are thought to be associated with the elderly but age may not be a considerable factor anymore.

Irrespective of the age of the people, heart attack marks similar consequences for everyone. Once heart stroke is triggered, you are more likely to be at a higher death risk. 

Cause of Heart Attack Among Youths 

You are risking your life inadvertently, and here are listed the causes of a heart attack in youths: 

  • Hypertension 

Amidst the chaos of maintaining a work-life balance, young adults are consistently being diagnosed with hypertension. This is one of the major factors that contribute to welcoming cardiovascular disease. Hypertension is rising faster in young adults than the older ones. In the condition of hypertension, your blood pressure increases that thicken your heart muscles. Furthermore, this can be harmful to your blood vessels, increasing your chances of heart stroke. 

  • Diabetes 

Diabetes is one of the hazardous diseases that impact other parts of your body. Individuals suffering from diabetes have comparatively more chances of dying from heart attacks. 

The possibility of heart stroke is increased if you have uncontrolled blood sugar. Exceeding a healthy range of blood sugar level may cause damage to your blood vessels that piles up the fats in your body. 

  • Obesity 

A sedentary lifestyle is a key factor to increase obesity, which further may be the reason for heart attack. Being overweight significantly impacts your overall health. It doesn’t matter whether you are healthy or not but obesity solely can be the underlying factor for heart attack. 

  • Smoking and Vaping

Smoking and vaping pose serious health risks, affecting your lungs and heart. The more cigarettes you smoke, the more you are on the side of a heart attack. Smoking doubles the risk of heart attack than non-smokers. 

With significant nicotine content in the cigarettes, smoking accelerates your heart rate and blood pressure. Cumulatively, smoking and vaping can be the cause of heart strokes. 

  • Narcotics Abuse 

The drugs’ abuse takes a heavy toll on your heart health. Substance abuse adversely affects your heart, boosting your heart rate and the risk of a heart attack. The effect of marijuana on your heart may still need to be discovered but intake of cocaine fastens your heart while tightening your blood vessels. All these conditions are associated with heart strokes. 

How to Keep our Heart in a Good Health?

Keeping your heart in a good health is extremely important and here are some practices to follow for sound heart health: 

  • Avoid Smoking  

Avoiding smoking can be one of the greatest practices for saving your heart. If you are not an active smoker, there are still chances to increase the risk of heart stroke through passive smoking. 

  • Owing to a Healthy Lifestyle 

Sitting for a long time in the same position may decrease your body’s ability to break the food into energy. 30-60 minutes of daily activity can lower the risk of heart disease. Also, it cures other health conditions that may strain your heart. 

  • Quality Sleep 

A good night’s sleep contributes to your overall well-being. Inadequate sleep increases the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes and depression. Depending on your individual sleeping needs, you must sleep for dedicated hours to rejuvenate your mind and body. It lowers the risk of heart failure in individuals.

Summing Up 

Heart diseases have become a common concern globally and the changing lifestyle is increasing its risk every day. Many heart attacks can be prevented by altering the risk factors by changing your lifestyle, timely diagnosis, and certain medications. 

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