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Fiberglass filter paper is one of the inexpensive resources available for industrial, commercial, and residential use. These have surged in popularity at the global level. It stands on the MERV rating of 1-4 and comes with low service life. So prepare to replace them after a month or Two.

Comparison Brief About Fiberglass & Pleated Filter Paper

Every product service has some misconceptions that create confusion across the industry and consumers and so as with the filters. It needs to be eliminated to make people aware of the right product purchase.

The fiberglass filter bag is totally different from the pleated filters and carried by all the big and small business houses, stores, and enterprises. These filters are easily accessible and do not impact the budgets because of their low prices.

Fiberglass filter is efficient to remove dirty air particles from the air, maintain airflow and make the indoors breathable and comfortable. But there are many speculations and facts that signify the worth of pleated filters over them. After a lot of discussions, we are mentioning three main points of both types of filters.

  • Affordability,
  • Maintenance, and 
  • Cleanliness

Yes, it’s completely true that fiberglass filters are available at cheap rates and are easily accessible. But they can’t sustain for a long while. They are limited to serve efficiently for 30 days to 50 days and after then you need to install the new ones. That increases the maintenance cost and also wastes your time. You are not free all the time to call a professional and tell them about the installation. 

Pleated filters offer extended service life and are comparatively more efficient to maintain indoor freshness and air quality. They can trap the fine dust particles not witnessed by the eyes. Also, they are verified by high MERV ratings that truly confirm their utility and efficiency. It also eliminates serious health problems like breathing issues, itching, allergy, or other such things. Investing in a pleated filter would be a great deal to manage the cleanliness of your indoor, and your budget.

Fiberglass filters can impact the productivity and efficiency of your AC furnace systems. That will lead to dust cakes, clogging issues, and improper airflow. To protect your HVAC please consider other filter options and install the one that can serve for a long time without damaging the AC system.

In the first instance, fiberglass filter paper looks budget-friendly but as time passes your regular maintenance visits and bills clear the picture. Do you want to bear these every month of the maintenance and installation cycle or go with the option? That will be efficient, productive, sustainable, and great value for money.

In case of any doubt you can talk with the filter providers or Cotton filter Paper manufacturers in India!

Think wisely about which is better for your indoor air quality and financial condition. Spending every month on the installation of a fiberglass filter or a single-time filter installation that will sustain for 3-5months. The decision is yours.

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