Global technological advancements have always aided human beings in solving the most significant challenges to society. For example, the utilisation of technology in mobile health and educational sectors has helped address several societal challenges. Furthermore, with the technology industry being on a pace to exceed $5.3 trillion in 2022, it’s safe to assume that the impact of this growth will be felt in several industries worldwide.

The Leading Drivers Behind Technological Advancement in 2022

The growth of technological advances is directly related to the challenges people experience in their daily lives. Some of the leading drivers behind this advancement are:

1. Public concern about control over personal information

Corporations promote data-driven services and products as a means of reducing time and offering a more personalised experience. However, approximately 81% of Americans believe that the potential risks they face from companies collecting personal information outweigh the benefits.

2. Desire for sustainable energy sources

According to a study of 913 Australians and Americans led by Southern Cross University, 93% of the respondents have shown growing environmental concerns. As the pressure on major corporations to incorporate more green initiatives and adopt renewable energy sources such as wind and solar increases, there has been significant adoption of technology to adopt solar panels and wind turbine farms.

3. Widening economic inequality

According to the Pew Research Centre analysis of the 2015 US Census Bureau, almost 15% of US households do not have access to high-speed internet. This cuts off their access to valuable resources like free grammar check tools to improve their assignment quality.

4. Climate change

As the earth cries out for help, breakthrough developments have occurred worldwide to adopt climate adaptation and mitigation technology. For example, advanced computing power can now predict precise forecasts to help governments and businesses adapt to climate and weather risks.

5. Global terrorism

While terrorists worldwide have adopted technology to manipulate the internet and use drones to deliver chemical, biological, or radiological materials, technological developments are in the works to thwart their plans. Governments now use advanced AI technology to counter terrorist operations at lightning speed.

6. Incorporation of technology in the medical field

The use of technology in medical fields leads to the better diagnosis and treatment of patients. IT allows patient information to be stored on the cloud for easy retrieval. Furthermore, technologies like 3D printing, robotic surgery, and telehealth have entirely revolutionised the medical sector.

The Impact of this High-Tech World of 2022

As digital technologies advance rapidly, it has enhanced connectivity, sustainability, access to trade, and public services. The current society is shaped by technology to the point where it’s impossible to imagine a world without it. Some of the significant fields where you can see the blessing of technology the most are:

1. The education field

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According to UNESCO, globally, 773 million youths and adults lack the skills to read or write. Hence, with free and easy access to research papers, video tutorials, and online classes, students can access education in the remotest parts of the world. Moreover, any person with a cell phone or tablet can access online learning tools and free educational apps to improve their knowledge and break the cycle of poverty.

2. The medical field

Healthcare is constantly advancing thanks to the incorporation of leading AI technology. As a result, several breakthroughs in data collection, research, treatment methodologies, and medical devices have significantly impacted the medical field.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, remote patient monitoring has gained significant popularity, and 2022 will most likely see further advancement. By providing patients with an array of wearable medical devices that can assess their blood pressure, track daily consumption patterns, and more, doctors can access real-time patient monitoring for better treatment.

Additionally, 2022 is set to witness a surge in digital prescriptions to reduce the wastage of papers. Moreover, this reduces the chances of human error, such as accidental misplacement of a vital prescription.

3. The networking field

No one could have predicted the need to fine-tune IT networks to provide a seamless work experience for employees in a remote setting. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing businesses and organisations to adopt a remote working strategy, there arose a need for employees to be on the same page to expand operations.

In 2022, 5G network is set to revolutionise the way users access the internet. As companies embed devices with 5G technology, you will no longer be restricted to Wi-fi perimeters or carry around personal hotspots whenever you have to go out. Instead, users can work from any remote location in the world, on any device, without facing the usual restrictions.

3. The agricultural field

The emerging agricultural trends show an inclination towards innovative farming techniques that reduce time, improve efficiency and utilisation of resources, and reduce crop losses. These techniques include the increased use of robots and drones to pick fruits, kill weeds, and spray water and fertilisers over vast fields.

IoT technology has a significant role to play in improving agricultural productivity. For example, the Bulgarian startup Agrila has created an IoT device to monitor vital parameters like wind direction and speed, soil temperature and moisture, humidity, rainfall, etc. The device also provides detailed charts and analysis reports to enable farmers to adopt more sustainable farming methodologies.

The US-based startup Arwa Intelligence uses artificial intelligence to provide customised crop planning. The software compiles all farming data related to soil fertility, genetics, harvest, yield, etc., and offers intelligent solutions to boost crop productivity.

Summing it up,

Technological advances are increasing as the world struggles to cope with the leading societal challenges. 2022 is set to witness several advancements in education, agriculture, medical and networking fields with the incorporation of more advanced technology. However, to ensure that these advancements don’t create a ‘great fracture’ in world powers, worldwide digital cooperation is of utmost importance.

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