Having a potted plant on your office desk can make a whole lot of difference. The green plants add vibrancy to the décor and create a relaxing atmosphere. Nowadays, experts opine that having plants in the office can positively impact productivity. If you love gardening, this gives you another reason to place a green friend on your office desk. However, when choosing desk plants, keep in mind a few things, as all plants cannot survive in an office climate. Here is a list of air-purifying plants online you can keep in an office to boost your productivity and purify the air too.

Snake plants – These are best as desktop friends. Known as Sansevieria scientifically, snake plants thrive well in low light. They don’t require much watering. The dark green wagging leaves look beautiful and create a peaceful vibe. Moreover, they are known to purify the air. Since they dispel negative energy, they are the best for office decoration.

Bamboo – If you are planning to buy air purifying plants online, bamboo will be a great choice. Bamboo, with its long shoots and small leaves, creates a breezy feeling. It needs little light to survive. If you keep it in a self-watering pot, you only have to change the water once a week.

Neon pothos – Is your office small? If there is a space crunch in your workspace, you can hang plants to save space and bring variation in interior decoration. A pot of bright green neon pothos can instantly spruce up your office and uplift the mood. Hang it near low-traffic areas or from windows. Your filing cabinet will love to host it.

Rubber plants –The thick and broad leaves of rubber plants are perfect for workstation decoration. The green and purple combination of these plants adds a layer to any décor. They need to be watered once a week and placed in well-lit corners.

Peace liliesflowering plants are usually not kept in offices due to dry and cold environments, but peace lilies are an exception. The gorgeous plant with white flowers creates a soothing atmosphere. Having a potted peace lily on your desk will surely motivate you to work harder.

Peace lilies are low-maintenance plants. They require monthly watering and indirect sunlight to survive.

Aglaonema – Another great option as an office plant is Aglaonema. The variegated leaves with green and white speckles are instant mood lifters. Once in a while watering and indirect sunlight are enough for your Aglaonema to thrive well. Keep it in an eye-catching pot, and it will become a constant source of motivation for you.

English Ivy –It is perfect for small workplaces. Being a trailing plant, you can keep it hanging or place it on your table. The plant with its tendrils makes an interesting sight. Wrap the tendrils around a wire to create unique shapes.

Air plants – They are absolute bliss. Kept in glass pots of unique designs and shapes, an air plant is all you need to focus your mind on your tasks. Air plants are a recent craze, and keeping one on your desk will enhance your office décor. The best thing is they don’t require watering and survive on air.

Spider plant –Suitable for both hanging and pedestal, the Spider plant is hardy and can withstand harsh conditions. The leaves hanging down from shoots give it a nice shape and look. Its vibrant presence will make your workstation a productive space. It is one of the most popular air purifying plants that sell online.

Office plants bring multiple benefits. They absorb toxic elements from the air. Bringing a little bit of nature into your workplace will motivate you and keep the surroundings green and fresh. Choose any of the plants we have mentioned here and see how your productivity soars.

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