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In this article, we will try to classify all those offers that are on the smartwatch market today. First of all, these are fitness trackers, children’s smartwatches, budget and full-fledged models of smartwatches, and multi-sport watches.

Why Do You Need A Smartwatch?

In general, we can say that few people really need smartwatches. Everyone has a smartphone at hand that performs all the necessary functions. And it can’t do just some of the things smartwatches can do.

For example, a smartphone cannot:

  • Constantly track your heart rate, which is important when running (excluding Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +)
  • Measure blood oxygen saturation
  • Do not make a cardiogram, but usually, people use this function a couple of times after purchase
  • You cannot swim with a smartphone

Many other functions, such as even tracking sleep phases, can also be done by smartphones through third-party applications.

Smartwatch Features

Alarms, timers, stopwatches, automatic time synchronization, a calendar, and a bunch of customizable watch faces – this is the basic minimum that smartwatches perform faster and better. Other features include message replies, GPS training, music with wireless headphones, calls, contactless payment, task manager, voice recorder, smart home or alarm control, health assessment, and sleep tracking with smart alarms. But there is one downside to smartwatches and that is battery life. It averages 1-3 days.

Fitness Trackers

These are mostly Xiaomi or Huawei Band and are quite affordable. You can also buy a Huawei watch GT 3 pro, which has a good fitness tracking mechanism. Such devices usually have a compact display, do a good job with clock functions and incoming notifications, and count activity using an inaccurate accelerometer, although you can already find models with GPS for this money. Such devices control the music on your smartphone and have long battery life. Usually at the level of several weeks.

Children’s Smartwatch

Children’s smartwatches have replaced the smartphone so that the child is less stuck on the phone, the probability of losing the gadget is reduced, and surveillance can be organized. The main feature of children’s smart watches is the ability to install a physical SIM card and a proprietary application on a parent’s smartphone in order to monitor the child’s movements via GPS. You can also call the child on the clock, including video calls. Parents can always see where their child is.

Budget Smartwatch

The most common among the budget ones are from Amazfit. They are distinguished from non-budget models by the body material, lack of useful sensors (no auto-brightness, ECG, etc.), poor quality of the matrix, inability to answer calls, and a weak processor (which is why there is no pleasant animation) and other minor compromises. The battery life in such hours is 1-2 weeks. 

Multisport Watch

Multisport watches are a pretty niche category. The most famous brands are Garmin and Suunto. Often they are used by professional athletes, for example, when doing triathlons, long climbing, hiking, etc. Often in such smart watches, there is a screen with low power consumption and excellent visibility in the sun. True, with a small number of colors and not-so-pleasant animation.

Management is most often through physical buttons. The case boasts excessive strength and rather big dimensions. The watch has the precise sensors you need for sports. And they can work for up to a month without recharging.

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