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The purchase of a carpet can be like the Gordian Knot because a few dealers of carpets manifest their honesty in this matter. There are multiple attributes that are guarantors of the proper quality of a carpet. There is a dire need to take all these considerations into account at the time of analyzing the quality of carpets.

Sometimes individuals are in the doldrums at the time of analyzing the best qualities of a carpet. But don’t worry, this article is going to sort out your issue as we have listed some attributes of a carpet. You can get enough help from this piece of writing. The carpet shop in Dubai provides the best quality carpets.

Notable Features of a Good Carpet

For better guidance for the readers, some prominent attributes of a good carpet are listed below. The reason behind the presentation of more than one point is to offer complete awareness of the topic. Let us see what these features of a good carpet are.

Weight of a Carpet

First, the face weight of the carpet is judged by its quality. It is described as the weight of the pile of a carpet that is measured per square yard. The durability of the carpet depends upon the face weight. Sadly, some shopkeepers of the carpet don’t tell its original weight, and buyers become the prey of delusion.

When you go to purchase a carpet, you must inquire about its face weight as the first preference. It is a general perception that only the face weight of the carpet matters in the evaluation of its quality, but it is no less than a myth. Many other characteristics are considered in this matter as well.

The Density Of The Carpet

Carpet density is mentioned as the feature that is judged based on the affiliated fibers of the carpet at its back. You can easily find out the numbering of a tactic. That is your observation. Compare the carpets of high density with the low-density carpets. The result will be manifested before you. So, choose a carpet that has more density because it exhibits high quality.

Fiber Twist

The twist of the fiber is included in the notable features of a carpet. It has been known as the best way to analyze the quality of a carpet for a very long time. The fiber twist is the strands of the fibers that are twisted together. It is measured per inch. The other name for this strategy is Turns-per-Inch.

As for the determination of the density of the carpet, it is also a straightforward task; measure the 1-inch length of the carpet fiber and evaluate how many fiber twists are there. If there are more fiber turns, then it is of good quality.

Sort of the Fiber

The sort of fiber that is used in the making of a carpet is also known as one of the quality characteristics. There are many types of fibers having unique features, and some can provide you with more advantages in specific conditions. The use of carpets made of nylon, polyester, and olefin is the most popular choice among people across the globe. On the other hand, the custom of wool carpets is less popular with the public.

Producer Warranty

A carpet becomes the best based on its warranty. The carpet having more warranty years will become more popular in the market as compared to the less warranted years. Sellers should clearly mention the information on a specific card.

Stylish Appearance

The style of the carpet can attract people. Residential and commercial sectors demand different popular styles of carpet. Usually, frieze, Berber, Saxony, and others are preferred for installation in the house. These styles should be chosen after observing the influx of people in the placement area.


To cut a long story short, you must consider multiple factors at the time of purchasing a carpet. It is true to a very large extent that some shopkeepers delude the buyers on this matter. But you can keep yourself away from this situation by knowing some standards for the quality of the carpet.

These quality standards can be summarized as density, producer warranty, stylish appearance, sort of fiber, fiber twist, face weight of the carpet, and many others. If you know these characteristics, then purchasing a good carpet is like child’s play for you.

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