Four of the Best Places to Look for Work While You're in College

Who wants to work while pursuing their education? It isn’t always possible. Work-study balance becomes another stressful responsibility that might negatively impact your performance. Finding flexible, low-responsibility work with a fair income is the greatest alternative for students. The challenge is, where do you start your search?

Here’s a list of the Top Four Places to Look for Student Jobs in the UK During the College Years:

1. Find out What’s Immediately in Front of Your Eyes

The student union, the library, the assistance desk, the student shop, and wherever else in the university where you can inquire about a student job is worth asking. The hours are extremely flexible and easily fit into your schedule, and the employer will not interfere with your education. Also, being on campus for longer periods may push you to study more before and after your shifts. If you don’t wish to work for the institution, your university probably has a career aid desk where you can get help with applications, CVs, interviews, and cover letters.

2. Shopping Centers

Working as a sales assistant or in a stockroom in retail is a low-stress job for students. With so many retailers recruiting all the time, you should be able to find work quickly. Your contract may vary depending on your organization, although retail employment is frequently extremely flexible. In addition, many stores hire seasonal workers during peak seasons like Christmas. So, these positions might be ideal if you seek part-time work outside college hours.

Bonus Top Tip: Start your search with department stores and supermarkets.

3. Hospitality

Because of the freedom it provides, students prefer to work in the hospitality industry. You will be free to choose the shifts and locations you work. The remuneration varies based on the event you’re covering. Before accepting the shift, you are normally told of the hourly pay. These adjustments can be extremely exhausting. However, agency employment may be ideal if you enjoy working in different cities and attending free gigs/events. 

Restaurants, cafes, and bars may be your best bet for the most flexible shifts without going via an agency. However, remember that most jobs, especially in the bar industry, demand you to work late shifts. This employment is ideal for your academics because the tasks are straightforward and stress-free. Advertisements can be discovered online, but it’s always worth going to the restaurant/bar/café themselves because they might not be advertising.

Quick Pointers:

  • Apply ahead of time: The response time may be lengthy, but it will give you a greater chance in the competition.
  • Salary concerns: Consider employers who are members of the Living Pay Foundation, a charitable organization that determines its minimum wage based on living conditions.
  • Recognize your limitations: Think about how much time you can devote to the position you’re looking for. Every day, keep an eye out for new International Student Jobs in UK openings posted hourly.
  • Keep your papers up to date: Make sure your CV is up to date, as well as your cover letter and interview abilities, so you’re prepared for anything that comes your way.

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