7 LinkedIn Trends to Watch in 2022

According to a report by blogging wizard, LinkedIn has around more than 774 million members worldwide. It is a growing platform that many professionals are extensively using. Many of them consider it a marketing tool that helps users connect to the population that can help them grow as individuals. LinkedIn is continuously evolving; to keep up with the change, one needs to follow the trends with full enthusiasm in order to reap the maximum advantages of this platform. In this blog, we are going to discuss such trends only. 

If you are seeking any job, following the trends can help you get noticed in front of the desired crowd. And recruiters can attain the best and most qualified candidates with their help. LinkedIn has a better chance of replacing Facebook. Since plenty of individuals are avoiding that platform due to many reasons. 

Now let’s get started with the LinkedIn trends,

LinkedIn Stories

In 2021, LinkedIn appeared with the stories feature. The idea was similar to Facebook and Instagram stories; the images will automatically disappear within 24 hours. Your videos can be around 20 minutes long and appear in segments in the stories section. The idea behind this feature was to increase engagement between its users. 

FYI: LinkedIn stories are currently available for mobile applications only. 

Make Use Of Personalization.

Personalized ads are vastly appreciated on LinkedIn. It is a great way for marketers to target their potential customers with better accuracy. Such individualized campaigns gather more attention now than ever. It helps in almost everything, whether you desire to divert maximum traffic, convert more leads, or increase your brand awareness. It offers payment options like pay-per-click, per message, or impression. This way, you can provide more flexibility and precision to your clients. The ease that comes with personalization will pique their interest in your brand. 

Video Chat

Video chat is another update of LinkedIn that arrived in the year 2021. Through this feature, various companies whose employees work remotely can easily expand their communication without interrupting the balance of their company functioning. The HR department can easily schedule their interview without any delay with the help of this feature. This feature is accessible on both mobile and desktop. It can gather the attention of plenty of other users, increasing its popularity by 10x. LinkedIn collaborated with Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, and Zoom to introduce this feature in 2021. 

Message Editing

This feature is amazing for people who regret a lot after sending their written messages. It allows them to completely delete or edit the message they send to their connections. And the recipients won’t even get to know that you have made any changes or deleted that message. This feature is soon going to be available on LinkedIn.     

Mass Messaging

The latest addition to LinkedIn was the mass messaging feature that allows users to send messages to multiple people. It also offers features such as deleting and archiving a conversation even for the groups. All the options usually available for a single person are now accessible for multiple groups.   

Final Words

The LinkedIn trends in 2022 include features like stories and video chat options that have made things easier for plenty of individuals. Both these features have been a boon for the covid times, and people will not get over it anytime soon. So it is highly recommended to make proper use of these trends and stay in the competition.

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