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When the question of hazardous materials and storage arises, it is better to think outside the box and look for creative solutions. If chemicals and toxic materials escape from spills or industrial drums outside, they could make their way to the underground water channels, reaching open water. This would cause irreversible damage to the species. If any form of environmental leak is detected at the end of your company, financial penalties are likely to be levied upon your company. When you keep drums on spill pallets, you can be certain that leaks will be detected without causing any damage to the environment. This would go on to enhance the reputation of your company by complying with environmental protocols.

 Spill pallet is metal or plastic crate where the drums are placed, with the sump beneath the grate where the contents will flow in case of a spill. In certain versions a drain plug will be included.

 What are the reasons why a company needs a spill pallet?

The basic thing is that you want to prevent the entry of hazardous chemicals at all costs. Suppose an accident occurs in the warehouse rather than in a difficult area such as outdoors or cars. An effective method of clean up could take hours, threaten the safety of workers and cost a lot of money. You need to be prepared as much as possible if a shipment drum falls. The built-in spin pallets would absorb any leaks or spills, which makes cleaning an easy task for the environment and the employees. It is suggested to use spill pallets whenever possible to save time, money, and labour costs.

The Spill Pallet detects the timely detection of drips or tiny leaks and enhances the safety of the workers.

A major trickle or leak from any hazardous substance could pose a major risk to health and safety. It is not something that is easy to detect and capture. Moving a leaking pallet poses significant risks to your employees, and standard pallets provide less protection against these risks. Drum pallet manufacturers feel that the spill pallets are the first line of defence against undetected leaks or spills. It provides your staff with the necessary confidence that they can handle undetected leaks or spills.

To cater to your demands, the spill pallets are available in various forms and sizes.

Locating the right pallet for your needs may seem to be a difficult task. But the companies are known to provide a vast selection that can accommodate virtually every form of hazardous equipment. The spill pallets are available in a variety of sizes or shapes that include the following:

  • The spill containment versions with two, three, or four drums are available with or without drains.
  • The spill pallets are developed from polythene that would be ideal for corrosive compounds or general spill containment.
  • If you require any form of temperature resistance with the capacity to tolerate solvents, there are other things that may harm the polyethylene and galvanised pallets on the way up.

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