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Among all the existing types of web hosting, dedicated server hosting is known as the most powerful solution. Dedicated server hosting can be defined as an agreement between the web hosting provider and an individual or an organization. 

The web hosting provider takes charge of providing and maintaining a physical server exclusively for a particular user. A dedicated server comes with a lot of benefits and hosting privileges that help you host your website smoothly and effectively. 

Further, you must seek a reliable and right web host in order to highly benefit from the Dedicated Server Australia. Thus, we will be introducing you to one such web host in this article – Serverwala data center. But before you know more about this data center and its best-in-class hosting services, let’s apprehend the working of a dedicated server.

Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server in Australia is the ultimate web hosting solution. It provides fast processing and high-level security. It solely operates for your website, unlike shared hosting. Hence, your website gets the exclusive right over the server’s space and resources. Further, with the Australia dedicated server hosting, your website obtains an independent, isolated, and private web hosting environment. 

This helps you keep unauthorized access and security threats far away from your website. Moreover, the best dedicated server Australia also enables you to eliminate the constraints and limitations one can experience with the shared hosting platforms. You get the freedom to employ your dedicated server in Australia however you need. Your web host lets you utilize the space and resources of your dedicated server in the most efficient way possible. 

Top 7 Reasons to choose a Best Dedicated Server Australia 

Get a glance at the following points that provide reasons why you must choose a dedicated server for hosting your website –

  • Your website gets access to the high availability of dedicated web resources.
  • You can upscale your assigned resources anytime based on your necessities.
  • The Cheap Dedicated Server Australia can be customized based on your demands.
  • You can acquire the SSH root control of your dedicated server, which further helps you configure the server as you desire.
  • You get the freedom to implement as many security features as required to assure the complete safety of your data.
  • Your website can easily acquire a unique IP address and an opportunity to rank much better on search engines.
  • Your website also obtains the maximum possible uptime and the capability to deliver the fastest web page loading speed. 

Why Serverwala is Best Dedicated Server Provider in Australia?

Serverwala is a top-notch and renowned Data Center worldwide. It has gained recognition through rendering the best dedicated server Australia at the most affordable pricing. The data center does not lag behind in providing cutting-edge web hosting services and resilient technologies.

Your website receives the support of enterprise-grade hardware and hyper-scale facilities to perform seamlessly without any interruptions. Moreover, Serverwala offers the following excellent features with its Australia dedicated server – 

Hardware RAID

Serverwala bare-metal dedicated servers provide great support to Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID). You can obtain RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10 at a feasible extra cost with your dedicated server.

Premium Bandwidth

Your website receives the fastest network from the Serverwala data centers. They ensure the experience of up to 1 GBPS bandwidth to the customers. This helps your website accommodate a large number of users. 

Private VLAN Subnets

You get the opportunity to build private server clusters with your dedicated server hosting plan. Serverwala guarantees the support of 10 GBPS virtual LAN subnets.

Service Level Agreement

The data center provides service level agreement with its best dedicated Australia. The agreement provides the assurance of redundant power and a 99.90% uptime network. This further enables your website to experience an enhanced visitor ratio. 

Robust Network

Your website acquires a robust and consistent network that comes integrated with the multiple Internet Exchanges. Also, it obtains the support of resilient and modern hardware tools. This enables the overall optimal performance of your website. 

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

With the Serverwala’s Cheap Dedicated Server Australia, your website acquires one IPv4 and IPv6 address. At the same time, the data center lets you buy more IP addresses at an additional low cost if needed.

Plans and Packages

At Serverwala data center, you can discover a wide array of Australia dedicated server hosting plans and packages. It aims to house different kinds of websites. Each data center’s dedicated server Australia comes with high scalability and great flexibility. Serverwala enables its customers to easily and quickly upscale the web resources anytime based on their website’s needs. Also, you receive 24/7/365 technical assistance from Serverwala’s skilled experts providing the best solutions. 


The dedicated server in Australia has the capability to boost your website performance and growth at every stage. Many people still take a step back from opting for it because of the responsibility that the dedicated server brings in. However, Serverwala data makes things easier by providing fully managed hosting services with the cheap dedicated server Australia. 

So, if you are not sure about operating and handling your entire server on your own, a managed dedicated server in Australia is your choice. To know more about the leading managed and unmanaged dedicated server plans, connect with Serverwala’s professionals now. Or, you can also browse the official and informational website of the data center for the same.

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