ketomac shampoo uses in hindi,ketomac shampoo hindi

We all know that hair is also as sensitive as our skin is but many times we just skip taking care of our hair. They come in direct contact with the sun rays or pollution as we don’t cover them whenever we step out. For the skin, we can use sunscreen or use a scarf to hide our face but our hairs are most prone to dust and dirt as well. All these things make them weak and that’s why we face more hair problems like hair fall or dandruff issues. 

There are many ways in which we can make some changes to our hair care routine. You can read Ketomac uses in Hindi to know more about this shampoo for your hair. You must also try other easiest ways that can help keep your hair healthy. These are:

  • Hair hygiene: So what comes first is the role of hair hygiene in maintaining our hair. If you are keeping your hair clean there are fewer chances of catching hair problems. Many hair issues can be avoided if we go for the hair hygiene technique. Wash your hair thoroughly using suitable shampoo and rinse it properly. 
  • Don’t forget the hair massage: The hair massage is something that can act as a blessing for our hair. Most of the time we skip applying oil to our hair before washing hair. But this is an important step that you should never skip. It is important to give your hair the massage that they need. Use your favorite oil or prefer using coconut or almond oil to massage your hair. Use fingertips to massage and make a habit of doing it once every week. 
  • Avoiding the hair dryers: We all know that we all find dryers easier to dry our hair rather than the airy dryer. Most of the time when in hurry or even when not we just pick up the hair dryer, plug it in, and just start using them on our hair. We need to limit its use if we want our hair healthy. Prefer the natural drying of hairs. 
  • Hair pampering with a hair mask: Just like the skin masks we are also having a variety available of the hair masks as well. But we all are much concerned with our skin and not with our hair. Hair masks are very important as they hydrate and moisturize our hair and keep them soft and strong. The readymade hair masks are also available for your hair or you can go natural as well. You can make your hair mask on your own by using the kitchen ingredients. Make use of egg, curd, honey, milk, Aloe Vera, banana, etc to make different hair masks. The internet can best help you in preparing a simple hair mask. 
  • Using fewer heat appliances: You must prefer styling your hair naturally as less with the heated appliances. The heat can make them weak and damaged and that is why it should be avoided. 

With all these hair care tips we can definitely have some healthy hair. You can also find Ketomac shampoo Hindi very useful for your hair.  

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