Face Your Fear For TEAS Test With 5 Commonly Asked Questions

It is understandable if you are one of those students who feel nervous when hearing the word ‘Test or exam.’ TEAS is a kind of test that is important for enrolling in multiple healthcare industry programs. You probably have had a few questions about the TEAS exam, like: ‘What is the TEAS test? Overall structure? How do you get prepared?’, and many others, so here we are to help you by providing answers to a few important commonly asked questions by the candidates so that you can easily conquer your TEAS exam.

What is the TEAS test?

Test of the essential academic skills or TEAS is the standardized exam commonly utilized by the authorities to judge a candidate’s readiness for enrolment in various healthcare-related college-level programs. Also, it is a very common test taken by various universities to get admission into nursing schools.

What Exactly Does the TEAS Test Contain?

The TEAS exam format is somewhat similar to other standardized exams you have probably taken throughout your life. The TEAS exam mainly contains 170 MCQs covering a vast majority of subject-related questions to be answered within 209 minutes.

It is tied with the fundamental subjects of high school curriculums. 

Different Areas of The TEAS Exam Can Be:


Total Number of questions: 53

The Allotted time: around 64 minutes

Areas to be assessed: Ideas & details, integration of ideas and knowledge, craft and structure.


Total Number of questions: 36

The allotted time: around 54 minutes

Different areas to be assessed: Numbers, Data Interpretation, Algebra, and measurement.


Total Number of questions: 53

The allotted time: 63 minutes

Different areas to be assessed: Human anatomy, physiology, scientific reasoning, life, and physical sciences.


Total Number of questions: 28

The allotted time: 28 minutes

Different areas to be assessed: Conventions of Standard English, vocabulary acquisition, and language knowledge.

How Do You Get Prepare For TEAS Exam?

The TEAS test is very important, so you should take it seriously. To clear your TEAS exam on the 1st attempt, you must devote all your energy and time to wonderful preparations.

Take TEAS Test as Early as Possible

It is a good practice to begin applying for the TEAS Test at the initial stage of your undergraduate studies, and this can help you get familiar with the test content & overall format.

Register for the TEAS exam at least 2 weeks prior

With better study guides and test preparation courses, you can have plenty of time to prepare if you register for the TEAS test well ahead. In this way, you can stay calm & feel stress-free.

Make use of TEAS Exam Preparation Resources.

It doesn’t matter how hard your preparation is; it is always a good idea to use test preparation resources. This may cost you a little bit extra, but it is not a bad idea to purchase a practice test at the beginning of your studies or take the help of experts with ‘Pay Someone to take my online TEAS Exam’ guides.

What to Do on Your Final Day of the Teas Exam?

It would be best if you had a good sleep with a well-balanced breakfast before going for the exam.

Few foods for training your brain can be eggs, salmon, acai berries, and green tea.

Stay hydrated & keep your entire body running smoothly.

If you are unfamiliar with the test center, take some time to go and find out the area well ahead without rushing during the last few seconds.

Stay away from any negative thoughts and unnecessary stress. 

So, Ready to Conquer Your Teas Test?

You don’t need to worry about the TEAS exam if you have great planning and follow the preparation tactics. You must remember all the tips to take your journey to the next level with the ‘Do My Online TEAS Test.’

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